• How to get shipping cost estimates

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Rates and transit times at your fingertips

There are two ways to get an estimate of how much your shipment will cost and how long it’ll take to get to your customer.

Using the Get Rates & Transit Times page

Fill in your shipping details on our website to get estimated rates and transit times before sending. You’ll need your account number to do this.

On the Get Rates & Transit Times page you can select the origin and destination countries and cities from the drop-down menus and enter all relevant information for a shipment. Then choose one of the following options:

  • Get transit time only
  • Get quick quote: a rate and transit time quote based on the origin, destination and weight of a shipment
  • Get detailed quote: a rate and transit time quote based on detailed package information. To get this, enter specific information for a shipment such as: number of packages, weight, package type, dimensions, declared value and specific services that might apply to the shipment

Go to Get Rates and Transit Times

To get there from the fedex.com homepage, choose the Ship tab, and click Get Rates & Transit Times.

  • Go to fedex.com

Use FedEx Ship Manager®

Log in to FedEx Ship Manager and complete your details to get a total estimate of your shipment cost, including any taxes and surcharges. The Rates & Transit Times section is part of the main webpage you see when you log in.

Estimates are based on the shipment details you enter, as well as rates and discounts associated with your FedEx account number.

The final charge for your shipment might be different from the estimate, because of the shipment’s actual weight, dimensions and other factors, although we make estimates as accurate as possible. For details on how we calculate shipping charges, please visit http://www.fedex.com/gb/tariffs-surcharges/index.html.

Go to FedEx Ship Manager

  • Use FedEx Ship Manager™