Terms and Conditions

Section 1. Agreement.

You (hereinafter referred to as "You", "Your", "Customer", or "Participant") agree that the terms and conditions provided in this agreement ("Agreement") govern Your participation in the FedEx Small Business Advantage Program ("Program"). Upon enrolment in the Program, Your participation will be activated together with Your account activation from FedEx Express under Your eligible account number, as determined by FedEx, in the month of enrolment (however, enrolment after the close of business (17:00 CET for GB), on the third last business day of the month or enrolment on any subsequent business days of the month will be considered to be enrolment in the next month). Your acceptance of this Agreement as described above also constitutes agreement to the Program terms, as set out in this Agreement, on behalf of the entity with which You are employed or represent, if the participating account number is a business account. When used in this Agreement, the name "FedEx" shall mean and include FedEx Express UK Limited United Kingdom Branch and any and all of its affiliate companies, any of which may exercise the rights and privileges afforded FedEx under this Agreement, but FedEx Express UK Limited United Kingdom Branch is the sole obligor. No one is authorized to change the terms of this Agreement except FedEx.


Section 2. Program specifics

a) Grace Discount: starting on the date of account creation, and subject to the terms of this Agreement, new enrolments into this Program as determined by FedEx, will receive a grace period discount ("Grace Discount") of 30% off all eligible FedEx Express International shipments (except as provided in (b below) for the first 3 months after enrolling in the program.

b) Eligible Shipments are those sent through the following services only: FedEx International Priority® (provided that any FedEx 10kg Box or FedEx 25kg Box sent by FedEx International Priority® will not be subject to the Discount), FedEx® International Economy, FedEx® International Priority Freight, and FedEx® International Economy Freight. The Program does not apply to any domestic shipments including without limitation any FedEx UK shipments.

c) Earned Discount: After the Grace Discount period and during the remainder of the term of this Program and subject to the terms of this Agreement, Participants who have an active FedEx account in good standing, as determined by FedEx, will receive an Earned Discount that is calculated by totalling all eligible FedEx Express shipments invoiced under the eligible account number over rolling three month periods ("Assessment Period") and as if shipped without any discount (“Assessment Period Transportation Charges”). A month in an Assessment Period begins and ends on the first and last business day, respectfully, in a calendar month. The discount presented on the account is the percentage discount taken off of FedEx List rates in effect on the date eligible shipments are tendered to FedEx in the first full calendar month following an Assessment Period.

During the Program, but after the Grace Discount, the Earned Discount is calculated as follows



Assessment Period Transportation Charges

Earned Discount to be applied for shipments in the month following the Assessment Period

£ 0


£ 0.01- £ 40.00


£ 40.01 - £ 80.00


£ 80.01 - £ 130.00


£ 130.01 - £ 200.00


£ 200.00 and above



FedEx will in its sole discretion determine the transportation charges for Eligible Shipments and monthly invoice amounts.


Section 3. Restrictions.

(a) The discounts offered through this Program cannot be combined with any other FedEx discounts available to Participant from FedEx or through any authorized FedEx representative.

(b) Customers whose accounts have, or are moved to, a status of Cash Only, or Abuse, all as determined by FedEx in its sole discretion, are not eligible to participate any longer in the Program. FedEx does not extend consumer credit and FedEx's standard credit policies as determined by FedEx from time to time shall apply.

(c) Customers whose accounts are designated as Government Service Account, Interline Account, Global Service Participant Account, FedEx Corporate Account or FedEx WorldWide Service Account, all as determined by FedEx in its sole discretion, are not eligible to participate in the Program.

(d) Customers having self-invoicing FedEx customer automation devices are not eligible to participate in the Program.

(e) The Discounts apply to list rate transportation charges only and not to any surcharges, special handling fees, duties, taxes or other additional charges as described in the applicable FedEx Service Guide in effect on the day of shipment.

(f) Package consolidators are not eligible to participate in the Program.

(g) Participants must comply with the payment terms established by FedEx from time to time for services rendered by FedEx under the Program. Payment for services rendered by FedEx under the Program must be in official currency of the country (British Pound).

(h) Participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a local based billing address.

(i) Participants will receive their Discounts in the form of a credit on their invoice. Discounts are applied to Eligible Shipments. Due to varying ship dates and billing cycles, You may not be billed for all Eligible Shipments within the same month they are shipped.

(j) Only one FedEx account will qualify for the Program, discounts will not be applied to multiple FedEx accounts.

(k) No discounts will be applied if any invoice relating to the FedEx account is overdue for payment.

(l) The Program is only open to Participants that reside in the United Kingdom and applies to shipments which are imported into or exported from, or paid in the United Kingdom.

Section 4. Shipments.

The terms and conditions of carriage in the applicable FedEx Service Guide in effect on the day of any shipment made by Participant under the Program shall apply to any such shipments (‘Conditions of Carriage’). If there is a conflict between the Conditions of Carriage and the Program, the Conditions of Carriage will control.

Section 5. Term of Program.

a) The Program is effective beginning [<<insert>>], and shall remain in effect until FedEx provides notice of suspension or termination of the Program by posting on fedex.com/gb or otherwise. FedEx reserves the right to alter, modify, suspend and terminate the , Earned Discount, Program and this Agreement, all or any of them, at anytime for any reason, with respect to all or any of the Program participants, by posting on fedex.com/gb or otherwise. FedEx reserves the right to terminate Your participation in the Program for any reason. In particular, in the event a Participant is later determined to be ineligible for the Program or any discount offered under the Program after being notified that Participant was eligible, Participant's participation in the Program and receipt of any Discount will terminate. In addition, in the event Participant elects to accept another discount from FedEx after Participant is deemed eligible for the Program, Grace Discount, Earned Discount at any time, Participant's participation in the Program will terminate and all Discounts referred herein shall immediately cease. Decisions regarding eligibility to participate in the Program are solely within the discretion of FedEx.

b) If you wish to terminate the Agreement, it is Your responsibility to notify FedEx by calling 08456 07 08 09 stating that You wish to terminate Your participation in the Program. You must provide Your FedEx account number, company name, company address.

Section 6. Controlling Law and Severability.

This Agreement and Your use of fedex.com is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the England.. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Agreement, or a portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible.

Our usual terms and conditions and privacy policy which form part of our account registration process will apply to your account (‘Account Terms and Conditions’). In the event that this Agreement conflicts with the Account Terms and Conditions the Account Terms and Conditions will control.

Section 7. Complete Agreement.

This Agreement, together with the Conditions of Carriage and Account Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement in place with the customer and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous understandings, representations, statements or agreements, written or oral. No amendment to, modification of, or waiver of any provision of, this Agreement will be binding on FedEx without FedEx's written consent.