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Gain unprecedented visibility into your highest value shipments

Every business has vital shipments. It doesn’t matter if they are full of expensive equipment or sensitive material — they need to be monitored and visible, every step of the way. That’s where FedEx Priority Alert™ and SenseAware℠ come into play.

Stay in control of your most valuable shipments, every step of the way

Don’t let an unexpected delay derail your business needs. Get dedicated support and monitoring as well as personalized notifications with FedEx Priority Alert.

A contractual service, FedEx Priority Alert gives you:

Global Connectivity

FedEx Priority Alert is available in more than 70 countries/territories. Thanks to our extensive global distribution network, your shipments stay with us — from start to finish.


You can ship with added confidence because FedEx Priority Alert monitors and notifies you about the status of your critical shipments.

Special Service

Your FedEx Priority Alert account is assigned to a dedicated global service analyst who understands your business and operational needs. You work with your analyst to determine and coordinate notification and recovery procedures, based on both your and your customers’ needs.

Priority Boarding

Your FedEx Priority Alert shipments receive priority boarding on our aircraft.

Give yourself the most comprehensive view of your shipments

Temperature, location, humidity, light exposure, barometric pressure, shock — monitor it all with SenseAware. A multi-sensor device that fits within your packaging, this extraordinary technology provides you with vital shipment data, so you can stay in control.

SenseAware’s web-based application makes it easy to transform information into insight:

  • Easily access the online platform for use with or without FedEx transportation services
  • Get near real-time visibility of environmental conditions and location
  • Give your business a powerful vantage point for managing all of your critical shipments and devices
  • Get permission-based access to share predetermined data with business partners and other interested parties
  • Customize triggers and alerts that can be preset before travel and changed while in transit; these high-accuracy geofences let you know that your shipment is on track and when it has arrived

Get more information about SenseAware and how it benefits businesses of all types at SenseAware.com.

Enjoy customized freight shipping for your highest priority shipments

Sometimes your heavy or large shipments require special treatment. That’s exactly what they get with FedEx® Customized Freight. Receive priority boarding on our air freight network plus tailor-made solutions via a Standard Operating Procedure created by a designated team of logistics experts.

Your individual FedEx Customized Freight solution can include dedicated pickup for Saturday, Sunday or holiday deliveries — even for security reasons. You will have access to an end-to-end temperature controlled solution, if needed. As well as proactive shipment monitoring and tracking, which is particularly useful for temperature-sensitive or route-dependent shipments.

We’re here to make things simple

Interested in taking control of your high-value shipments? Talk to a FedEx shipping expert for more information.

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