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FedEx Shipping services

FedEx Shipping services

Choose FedEx to deliver your time-sensitive, important shipments to and from over 220 countries and territories world-wide. Import, export or domestic, express or less urgent, small packages or heavyweight, FedEx has the service you need.

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Markets are expanding. So are the ways you can reach them. International package shipping, heavyweight – make FedEx your shipping company.

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Online Shipping Tools

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Save time and increase your employees' efficiency with FedEx tools. They can easily send, track, and report from their computers.

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You know shipping takes time. Use these tools to reduce time by filling the documents directly from your computer:

FedEx Ship Manager at No matter where you are as long as you are connected to the internet you can access this tool. Save time and make your shipments to more than 220 countries and territories, or the entire Mexican Republic by preparing the shipping labels, scheduling a pickup, delivery, canceling shipments, tracking packages and more. Everything online!
Log in to FedEx Ship Manager and start shipping today.
FedEx Ship Manager ® Software If your operation is a little more complicated, we have software we can install on your computer, from which you can print labels, track your packages, easily prepare your shipments (including air guides for multi-part shipments) for your national and international shipments . All you need is a computer, internet, and a laser printer. Learn more about FedEx Ship Manager® Software.
FedEx® Tracking On, you can track up to 30 packages at a time. Start tracking your packages now.
Find a Location Find the nearest FedEx Location from your computer or mobile device.
Get Rates and Transit Times Use the Get Rates and Transit Times tool to compare rates and transit times for all available FedEx® services before you ship.