FedEx Healthcare Priority for Complex Needs

In the healthcare industry, every minute matters and every shipment counts. Whether you're shipping pharmaceuticals, lab samples or other critical items, count on us for specialized and cost-effective packaging, monitoring, secure shipping and supply chain management to meet all of your medical shipping needs. We will work with you to create just the right solution to move your healthcare business forward.

Below are the solutions we offer:

Clinical Trial Solutions

Clinical Trial Solutions

The FedEx Healthcare Priority team can give you peace of mind by helping with your regulatory compliance and assisting you in planning and setting up the logistics for your clinical trial.

(Learn more about our portfolio of shipping solutions for Clinical Trial.)

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Get peace of mind when product integrity is on the line with our packaging solutions designed specifically for healthcare.

(Learn more about our portfolio of shipping solutions for moving your medical shipments in a safe, temperature-controlled environment.)

Shipment Monitoring and Visibility

Monitoring and Visibility

With healthcare products, it's not just about the final delivery. FedEx provides advanced monitoring solutions so you can track the entire journey of your shipment.

(Learn more about our solutions providing around-the-clock tracking to ensure your shipments will arrive safe and sound.)

Solutions by Country

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