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We are delivering for healthcare

We are delivering for healthcare

Medical shipping supplies and logistics services

Medical shipping supplies and logistics services

Shipping in healthcare

Every day patients, families, doctors and hospitals depend on your products and services to improve and save lives. We understand the importance of what you do, and we’re proud to play a part. That's why our services are specifically designed to ensure your shipments are treated with the utmost care and meet all regulatory requirements. Count on us for end-to-end services covering specialized packaging, proactive monitoring, real time intervention and customer-specific shipping solutions to get your vital goods to the right place at the right time.

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Global Network and Expertise

For global reach, you can count on our world’s largest air fleet and one of the fastest ground transportation networks together with our extensive experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry.

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Temperature Integrity

To help maintain the integrity of your cold chain shipments, you can rely on our portfolio of solutions.

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End-to-end Security & Visibility

From pickup to final delivery, your high-value or temperature-sensitive packages are monitored and visible through near real time monitoring capabilities.

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Quality Assurance

We achieve consistent results for your shipments through our dedicated FedEx Quality Management system, to make sure shipments remain in compliance with international quality standards.

Industries Served

Find solutions for your industries

Clinical Research

Clinical Research

With FedEx Clinical Care, we manage the movement of your clinical trials including Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs), medical kits, biological samples, tissues and stem cells. Learn more about how FedEx® Clinical Care can help you.

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Med devices and In Vitro Diagnostics

We support businesses and laboratories that offer analytical or diagnostic services, including reagents, calibration and control materials, test kits and body fluid analysis. Learn from an inspiring case study here.

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Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

We help with the movement of materials used as medicines for humans and animals; formulations – branded/generic in various dosage forms; API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)/bulk drugs; vaccines; hormones; and much more. 

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

We handle the transportation of complex equipment such as ultrasound, MRI machines and spare parts; PET and CT scanners; and X-ray machines as well as simpler supplies such as thermometers, tongue depressors, surgical masks and hypodermic needles. Check out our special services for your unique shipments.

End-to-end solutions for vaccine shipping

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With more than 680 aircraft, 200,000 vehicles, 5,000 facilities and nearly 600,000 team members, we're moving raw materials and semi-finished materials used to make vaccines from the countries where they are produced to manufacturing facilities around the world. Our network is well-positioned to handle global vaccine shipments with temperature-control solutions, real-time monitoring capabilities and a dedicated healthcare team to support the express transportation of vaccines and bioscience shipments.

We have what it takes to deliver healthcare shipments safely — from securing and transporting medical supplies to delivering the vaccines from manufacturing and distribution sites to dosing centers throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Our solutions include:

  • Temperature-controlled packaging and container solutions

  • Visibility and secure precision tracking with sensor-based devices

  • 24/7 monitoring and intervention

  • Priority handling and boarding

  • Quality management to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Contingency management, such as Dry Ice replenishment
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More about shipping COVID-19 vaccines

Our healthcare shipping services experts are here to help your business deliver. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.