Consent to Personal Data Processing

(May, 2020)

I acknowledge and agree that Federal Express Korea LLC and Federal Express Corporation Korea (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall process (as well as collect, use, provide, etc.) my personal information (including credit information) as follows: (Please check each box on the previous page and click the "Submit" button below on this page.)


1. Collection and Use of Personal Information


1.1 Collection and Use of General Personal Information


1.1.1) Mandatory collection and use (the Company may collect your personal information in whole or in part as listed below through and/or in connection with, a transaction between the Company and you.)


1.1.1a) Personal information to be collected
‣ Name (Korean, English), company name, country, phone number (company, home, mobile), fax number (company, home), address (including city, state/province, country), postal code, bank account number, credit card details (company, type, number, expiration date), account ID, account nickname, account number
‣ (For business customers) company registration number, CEO name, representative name (Korean, English), company address, postal code, e-mail address
‣ (For your filing of a complaint) information on sender/shipper, receiver/consignee, and claimant including name, contact information, company, address, country, postal code, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, tracking number or air waybill number, complaint history (shipment information, damage information, amount claimed)


1.1.1b) Purpose of information collection and use
‣ Business: shipments, packaging services, sending of invoices, payment (shipping costs, storage fees, etc.), customs declarations for imports and exports, provision of packaging materials, etc.
‣ Customer registration
‣ With respect to establishment and maintenance of business transactions related to provision of services, the customer's payment default information shall be requested from credit reporting agencies or credit information collection agencies.
‣ Dispute settlement: complaint handling, questions and answers, settlement of other disputes
‣ Facility security and prevention of illegal access
‣ Credit evaluation (verifying payment default information)


1.1.1c) Period of retention and use
‣ Your personal information will be retained and used for 5 years from the date of account closure (withdrawal from membership) unless the Company is obligated to retain your personal information pursuant to the relevant laws,


1.1.2) You may decline collection and use of the personal information described above. However, if you decline collection and use of general personal information, you may not be able to conclude and maintain a contract or be entitled to benefits provided by the Company.