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Welcome to the Socio FedEx® discount program.

Welcome to the Socio FedEx® discount program.

Now, everytime you pay with cash or credit card at a FedEx Shipping Center, you have the chance to get great discounts in your next shippings. Just follow the next steps:

FedEx Customer center

1. Visit your local FedEx Shipping Center.

FedEx Customer

2. Ask our service agent that you wish to enroll the Socio FedEx® program; you just need to give your name, e-mail and phone number.

FedEx Employee

3. Start shipping.

How does it work?

Each day, our system will analyze and add all your purchases you made in the last 90 days. Depending on the value that comes out, you will get certain discount for future purchases. We have different discount levels.

In order to reach or mantain your discount level, you just need to have the same amount added in the last 90 days or you can also have the chance to get to the next discount level if you make more purchases.

Levels Purchases Range Discount
Domestic International Package
Socio FedEx® You get this discount just for enrolling to the program. $10.00 PESOS $3.00 USD Not applicable
Socio FedEx® VIP $3,251.00 pesos to $6,499.00 pesos M.N. 10%
Socio FedEx® Premier $6,500.00 pesos to $12,999.00 pesos M.N. 15%
Socio FedEx® Exclusive Greater or equal to $13,000.00 M.N. 20%

Products available on the program:

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FedEx International Priority®

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FedEx International Economy®

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FedEx® Nacional 10:30 am

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FedEx® Nacional Día Siguiente

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FedEx® Nacional Económico

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