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Make Delivery More Rewarding

Make Delivery More Rewarding

Faster, easier, greater rewards with the all-new My FedEx Rewards Program

Faster, easier, greater rewards with the all-new My FedEx Rewards Program

Make your next delivery even more rewarding

At FedEx, we’re committed to helping you consistently deliver growth for your business in all seasons. That’s why we’ve simplified and expanded My FedEx Rewards, making it easier and faster for you to earn points and reward yourself, your employees, or your customers.

Whether it’s a token of appreciation to those supporting you, or simply an opportunity for some well-deserved self-care, make that special delivery arrive a little faster with My FedEx Rewards today.

Exclusive offers. Rewarding possibilities.

Obtain reward points faster from a broader range of eligible shipments and redeem them on an expanded pool of rewards ranging from modern gadgets, health and wellness products, and FedEx eShipping vouchers.

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Exclusive merchandise

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FedEx eShipping vouchers

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Many more exciting rewards

My FedEx Rewards in action

Once registered, you will receive 1,000 points as a welcome bonus – no other action required.

Earn points for every dollar you spent on FedEx shipments with up to 70% shipping discounts.1

Easy as 1-2-3 to get started

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1. Claim your Membership

Claim your FedEx Rewards membership via this webpage or your invitation email1 when you sign up for a new shipping account.

Already a FedEx shipper? Sign up here

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2. Ship and Earn

Continue to send eligible shipments2 to earn points and reach reward milestones

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3. Login and Redeem

Log in to My FedEx Rewards using your details and redeem your desired rewards

On Eligibility:

1 Both Corporate and Personal accounts qualify for the My FedEx Rewards program. Customers will receive an invitation email to sign-up for the loyalty program. 

2 You will only begin earning points from eligible shipments after you have successfully signed up for the My FedEx Rewards program.