FedEx Corporate Account Registration Terms & Conditions 

You agree to the terms and conditions set out below:

1. You agree to abide by the FedEx Express shipping terms & conditions (printed at the reverse side of the Air Waybill) and the current FedEx Express Service Guide and Standard Conditions of Carriage, which includes authorization for import/export customs clearance (if applicable) and door-to-door service

2. Credit Terms granted for this FedEx Shipping Account are as follows: 

a. Freight: 20 days 

b. Duty/Tax: immediate 

We reserve the rights to suspend your shipping account without any notice if the outstanding amount is not settled by the payment due date, and your shipments will be on cash terms only.

3. By applying for (either by yourself or through FedEx Express)  or using the user ID and password, the shipper accepts and shall be deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy on the website, and to have accepted that FedEx and its affiliates may transfer commercial information through channels (e.g. email) to the shipper including but not limited to special offers and promotions, and may collect, process and/or transfer (including across jurisdictions) applicable data (which may include personal data) in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 

4. You acknowledge that the information contained is complete and accurate and by knowingly making a false declaration, you may be liable for prosecution, and you accept responsibility for this declaration. 

5. FedEx has the absolute discretion to decline this application without giving any reason and to retain documents submitted as the property of FedEx, and that FedEx reserves its right to suspend this account for reasons wholly within FedEx discretion including but not limited to misuse, abuse and non-settlement of payments. 

6. You agree that FedEx reserves the right to require you to provide further documents and/or a deposit to continue shipping on credit terms and discounted rates, in accordance with its credit check procedure. You agree that FedEx Express may also change my account status so that payment must be made prior to shipping. 

7. You acknowledge that you are responsible for all shipping charges, duties and taxes and all other amounts due and payable to FedEx and its affiliates. 

8. You agree to indemnify FedEx and its affiliates for all costs, expenses, or loss in connection due and payable to FedEx or its affiliates.