How to fill out a Consignment Note

Using the form below, click on the numbered tabs at the sides of the form for explanations of how to fill out that section.

When completing a FedEx Domestic Service Consignment Note, please write clearly, pressing hard with a ball-point pen and complete in Chinese.

FedEx Domestic Service Consignment Note

1. Sender's information

Add your address details, phone, postal code and FedEx account number. All fields are compulsory.

Sender's Information

2. Recipient's Information

For reliable delivery, full and clear details are imperative.

Recipient's Information

3. Shipment Information

Fill in the number of packages,weight and dimension of this shipment.
Declared Value for Carriage: The declared value shall not exceed the actual value of the shipment.

Shipment Information

4. Services

Please choose the service you need: FedEx Priority Delivery, FedEx General Delivery.

Service Type

5. Packaging

Please choose your packing materials.


6. Special Handling

Check the box for required special handling instructions, Return Proof of Delivery.

Special Handling

7. Payment

Select a method of payment. When paid by sender in credit or third party account, please provide the appropriate FedEx account number. If recipient or third part fails to pay transportation charges, the sender is responsible for payment.

Payment method

8. Remarks

Please fill the information you want to show on invoice if any (First 10 words will appear on invoice).


9. Required Signature

Please make sure you understand below terms, and sign the consignment note.

Required Signature

Items Not Acceptable for Transportation

We, Federal Express (China) Company Limited, do not accept transportation of (including but not limited to) dangerous goods, money, letter (including any items with characteristic of letter) in our China domestic express services. Please refer to the Conditions of Contract on the back of the Sender’s Copy of the FedEx Consignment Note for specific details.