Real-name Recognition Guide

Dear customers, according to the Order No. 24 of 2018 of the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, the Measures for the Administration of the Real-Name Receipt and Delivery of Mails and Express Mails requires all express companies to finish the real-name recognition for their customers.

In order to improve the efficiency of pick-up and delivery while fulfilling the requirement for real-name recognition, customers may also use AnYiDi (安易递)mobile app for easier recognition process. The app is provided by State Post Bureau Safety Supervision Center to collect shippers’ real-name information in advance.

AnYiDi Real-name Recognition Process

  1. Generate QR code through WeChat
    Personal WeChat → WeChat Pay → Public Services → Convenient Services (便民服务) → Postal Services (邮政服务) → AnYiDi (安易递快递) → Real-name QR Code (实名码) → Finish real-name recognition

  2. Generate QR code through AnYiDi mobile app
    Download “AnYiDi user version (安易递用户版)” from mobile app store;
    register and login with mobile phone number;
    finish real-name recognition process following the instruction in the app.

Use AnYiDi at Shipping

After completing the real-name recognition with AnYiDi, customers can click on “real-name QR code (实名码)”at the homepage and show the code to the courier for scanning. The valid time for the QR code is 10 minutes after clicking on “real-name QR code (实名码)”.

If the customer did not complete real-name recognition in advance, he/she has to show original copy of ID card to the courier at each pick-up/delivery. The courier will scan the original copy of ID card through AnYiDi enterprise version (安易递收寄版) app to collect the customer’s real-name information.