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It’s no secret — your accounts payable process is important. FedEx gives your business an array of billing options, no matter what your account payable process may be.

It’s no secret — your accounts payable process is important. FedEx gives your business an array of billing options, no matter what your account payable process may be.

FedEx® Billing Online. Your electronic business advantage.

Now you can choose to receive your invoices electronically via FedEx Billing Online and never receive a paper version again! These digitally-signed invoices are exactly the same as paper invoices but with added benefits, including:



  • Receive your new invoices sent directly to your email inbox**

  • Search, download, print and save invoices in a variety of formats

  • View invoices for multiple shipments from one account

  • Review charges based on your invoice or air waybill number

  • Download Customs Documentations
    (Duty/tax paperwork)*


  • Assign viewing and/or access privileges to multiple users

  • Reconcile invoices and disputes over shipment charges

  • Integrate invoice data with your accounting systems

  • Customize your reports

  • Receive email notifications for invoice transactions 

*Selected countries or territories only.

** You will need to select 'Electronic and email invoice' during the FBO registration

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Electronic Data Interchange

Created for large companies with established accounts payable procedures and/or multiple shipping locations, EDI can help reduce paperwork, data entry work, check-processing costs and keying errors. Download the FedEx EDI Invoicing Overview document to learn more.

FedEx Billing Online - Frequently Asked Questions


FedEx Billing by Email is an easy to use, convenient, and efficient way to manage your FedEx invoicing process. We email you your invoice as a PDF copy as soon as it is available.

As a FedEx Billing Online customer, just follow the steps below to receive PDF invoices by email.

  • Go to the FedEx Billing Online home page.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on ‘My Options’ and then ‘Manage Account Settings’.
  • Scroll down to Edit Account Information.
  • Go to Change Billing Medium.
  • Select ‘Electronic and Email’ from the Billing Options menu.
  • Complete your sign up by clicking the ‘Change Billing Medium’ button.

FedEx Billing Online is a free, fast, and easy way to manage your billing and remittance needs, your credit notes, as well as your customs documentation online. You will no longer receive paper versions but digitally signed invoices and credit notes in PDF format.

Managing FedEx accounts, shipments, and invoices has never been easier. You may sort invoices by invoice number, type, activity, age, due date, currency or amount due. If you have multiple billing accounts, you may choose to consolidate accounts under a single user ID, allowing you to view all billing accounts within one login.You may also choose to manage each account separately with its own user ID. You can also invite additional users to view and act on invoices for your billing account.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure connection to FedEx
  • Convenient
  • Improves efficiency
  • Eliminates excess paperwork
  • Streamlines account management


  • Manage multiple accounts separately or under one user ID
  • Review your account activity online
  • Download invoices as PDF files
  • Download invoice details in a CSV or XML data file
  • Request invoice adjustments
  • Email notifications for new invoices, new credits, and past due invoices

eBilling enables you to receive digitally signed invoices in PDF format via FedEx Billing Online. You will no longer receive paper versions. The eBilling issued by FedEx Billing Online incorporate a digital signature to confirm their origin, authenticity and integrity to both yourself and your local tax authority.

You will need Internet access and a web browser. FedEx recommends using Internet Explorer 5.5 and above to ensure that you have the latest security patches. Please note that problems could be experienced when using an older browser.

The security of your account information as well as your invoicing and payment information is very important to FedEx. FedEx Billing Online automatically encrypts your confidential information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key length of 128 bits, the highest encryption level commercially available. FedEx is committed to managing all of your information with the highest standards of information security.

To ensure proper access to your account information, FedEx Billing Online asks you to provide the invoice numbers of two invoices billed to your account within the last 120 days. If you are a new customer, or you do not have copies of recent invoices, you may still register for FedEx Billing Online by contacting FedEx Customer Support to validate your account information over the phone.

Internet Explorer 6.0 contains known issues with IP address management and proxy servers. Some peculiarities may arise when using this type of browser through a proxy server. Specifically, this may result in 'page cannot be displayed' messages during the registration process. To correct these problems, check the Microsoft Windows Update utility for the latest patches for Internet Explorer.

Account Information

Once you register one account for FedEx Billing Online, you may use the Add Account option (from the Account Summary) to register additional accounts for FedEx Billing Online using the same user ID

If your company currently has multiple FedEx account numbers that roll up to a single master account, you only need register the master account to view all shipments charged to the master or any of its associated accounts.

If you wish to manage each billing account using a separate user ID, you may complete the initial registration process for each account and choose a user ID and password as appropriate.

With FedEx Billing Online (FBO), you can view bills for all of your accounts, even multiple accounts.

Follow the steps below to add additional accounts. Log in to FBO.

In the My Options tab, click on Manage Account Settings.
In the Add/Remove Accounts section, click on the Add a Primary Account button and enter the required information.
Once the registration is complete, you will receive email confirmation.

Select the Start Using FedEx Billing Online button and the account numbers will display in the Primary Account drop down list.

Invoice Details

After you login to FedEx Billing Online, you will see an Account Summary which includes a list of your open invoices with corresponding balances, your total balance due, and total past due amount, if applicable.

In the Invoice List section of the Account Summary, click the column header of the information you wish to sort. The first click will sort the list by the values in the column you selected in ascending order. Click the same column header again to sort the list in descending order.

To view invoice level detail, click an invoice number on the Account Summary screen. When you reach the Invoice Detail screen, click on the air waybill number to view the shipment details.

If an invoice is past due, it will be noted next to the invoice in the Invoice Activity column.

Invoice information is available for 90 days after the invoice is paid in full. Only invoices that became due after you registered with FedEx Billing Online will be shown.

You can retrieve a PDF version of your invoice to be saved or printed by clicking the invoice number from the account summary, choosing PDF from the download dropdown, and clicking the “Download” button. The PDF file should be available in your Download Center within a few minutes. When you click the invoice link in the Download Center, Adobe Acrobat Reader will open the PDF file. You can then print or save by using the menu options.

NOTE: To view the invoice in PDF format, you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Select the respective invoice number to get to the Invoice Detail View, then click on the Air Waybill Number for the Tracking ID Details screen. If you now click the Download Custom Documentation link, you will generate a PDF document comprising of (when available) the Customs Import Clearance documents in the Download Center.


If you have concerns about an invoice or specific shipment and need to dispute it prior to payment, you can submit a dispute online.

To dispute an entire invoice, click on the Invoice Number from the Account Summary screen. On the Invoice Detail screen that follows, click the Dispute Invoice button.

Individual shipments can be disputed by clicking the appropriate air waybill number and the Dispute Shipment Charges button.

You will be asked to select a reason for the dispute and to provide the additional details describing the nature of your dispute.

Once you submit a dispute request, a FedEx representative will contact you to request additional information or to inform you of the dispute resolution. You may view the details of any disputes for a particular invoice by clicking the status indicator in the Invoice Activity column of the Account Summary invoice list.

Search and Downloads

Use the Search for Invoice or Shipment feature if you know the specific invoice number or air waybill number. Enter the information and click the Search button. If a particular invoice is found, you will be directed to the Invoice Detail page for that invoice. If one or more air waybills are found, you will see a brief summary and the air waybill number(s) will be linked to the full details. At this point, you can also request a PDF, CSV or XML file for the invoice.

Use the Download Invoice Detail feature to find invoices that contain a particular service, are in a certain status, or span a specified date range. You don't need to have a particular invoice number or air waybill number. Select from the various drop-down boxes and click the "Search" button. Your results will be stored in the Download Center for you to download.

To ensure download results are shown quickly, FedEx Billing Online prevents the download of very large amounts of detail. In the event that your download request exceeds the maximum file size, use the drop-down boxes and/or the date range options to reduce the amount of records returned.

Go to New Search or Download under Search/Download tab by using the quick search function on the right to search for the specific invoice number or air waybill number. Select ‘Tracking ID’ as the search criteria, key in the air waybill number and click ‘Quick Search’.

If a particular invoice is found, you will be directed to the corresponding page, choose the duty/tax shipment record. You will be at Tracking ID Summary screen, click the ‘Download Custom Documentation’ link. On download centre page, your download file (Customs Import Clearance documents) will be prepared.

Preferences and Administration

Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Users, Manage Accounts, or Profile. Here you can invite new users, manage account settings, change the administrator, and update your FedEx Billing Online profile.

Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Profile. On the following page you can edit your username and password.

If you forgot your password for FedEx Billing Online, click on the Forgot Your Password link on the main FedEx Billing Online login screen. You will be prompted to provide information verifying your identity and you will then receive a password reminder via email.

For FedEx Billing Online (FBO), new users must be invited by the FBO Administrator. Only the FBO Administrator can add new users to an account.

Steps to add new users on FBO:

  1. Log in to FBO.
  2. Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Users.
  3. You can invite new users by entering the first name, last name, and email address of the user you wish to invite.
  4. Once you have entered the required information, FedEx Billing Online will email an invitation to the new user.
  5. The invitation is good for 30 days.


Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Users. Next you’ll see a list of every user able to access online invoices for this billing account. Here you can invite a new user or remove current users. Only the FedEx Billing Online Administrator can view the list of users for an account.

Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Users. In the Change Administrator section, choose the name of an existing user from the drop-down menu and click the Change Administrator button. Only the current FedEx Billing Online Administrator can assign a new administrator.

Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Users Next you’ll see a list of every user able to access online invoices for this billing account. Here you can invite a new user or remove current users. Only the FedEx Billing Online Administrator can view the list of users for an account.

Select My Options at the top of the page and choose Manage Accounts. In the Manage Account Settings section, choose Unregister from FedEx Billing Online and switch back to paper from the drop-down menu under Change Billing Medium and click the Change Billing Medium button. Only the FedEx Billing Online Administrator can assign cancel the FedEx Billing Online service.

For additional support, please click the Billing Online Support Request link from the Account Summary screen. You will be directed to an online form where you can provide details regarding the nature of your support question.