FedEx® Customized Freight

We leave nothing to chance.

FedEx Customized Freight combines the customized solutions of FedEx Custom Critical with the global network of FedEx Express to ensure the safety and control of your product from pickup to delivery.

  • FedEx Customized Freight Service

  • FedEx Customized Freight

Whether your product is pharmaceuticals, aerospace or automobile critical parts, timely delivery impacts business, especially when the shipments have time-specific delivery and temperature-control requirements. We build a better customer experience by offering the fastest delivery route.

FedEx Customized Freight offers the following key benefits:

  • Control

  •  - Our dedicated team designs your transportation solution based on your specific shipping needs, including customs and regulatory requirements. Customer-specific operating procedures and contingency plans are developed as needed.
  • Ensured safety

  •  - The FedEx Custom Critical command center monitors your shipment in real time.
     - FedEx security specialists across the globe keep your shipment under protective care at all touch points and stations throughout its journey.
  • Quality service for your customers

  •  - Shipments receive priority boarding on every FedEx flight.
     - When feasible, shipments are delivered earlier than FedEx International Priority® Freight.
     - Deliveries can be made on weekends and holidays.
     - For additional security and faster delivery, shipments are assigned an exclusive vehicle.
     - Recovery solutions are in place to rescue and expedite shipments in transit.
     - Quality Assurance support shows key shipment integrity parameters.
  • Compliance for temperature-sensitive cargo

  •  - Air cargo containers and packaging solutions are available to meet your specific requirements.
     - Shipments have 24/7/365 FedEx Custom Critical Temperature Control support.
     - To maintain full temperature integrity of your sensitive shipments, active and passive containers are managed throughout transit.

For more information, please contact your FedEx account representative.