Modern Slavery Act 2015 – Compliance Statement for 2017

This is the second annual Modern Slavery Statement to be published by FedEx UK Limited, for financial year ending 31st May 2017. See here for FedEx’s 2016 statement.

Lawful and ethical behaviour is of paramount importance to FedEx and is critical to our continued success. The FedEx Code of Business Conduct and Ethics makes it clear that this is a requirement for all of our employees and places similar obligations upon suppliers to FedEx. As part of this requirement FedEx is committed to protecting and advancing human rights in all of our operations wherever they may be in the world.

About FedEx and Our Supply Chains

Within the United Kingdom FedEx provides international and domestic delivery services and operates through Federal Express UK Limited.

FedEx has a large and complex supply chain and has many direct supply arrangements on a global basis and on an individual in country/territory basis.

For more information on the FedEx companies operating in the UK and our supply chains, see our 2016 statement.

Relevant Policies

The FedEx Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out the expectations that are relevant for all of our employees and for our suppliers wherever we do business in the world. Doing business in an ethical and responsible manner is already enshrined within our current set of policies and procedures. These policies and procedures help to ensure that Slavery and Human Trafficking do not occur within our business or our supply chains. For more detail on the relevant FedEx policies, see our 2016 statement.

We are continuing to maintain our strong culture of ethics and integrity that supports and encourages compliance with these internal policies.

Due Diligence

Within the last financial year, we have continued to:

  • Seek to source our supplies in a responsible manner;
  • Expect and require our suppliers to operate in full compliance with all applicable laws;
  • Audit our sub-contractor model within the EU;
  • Engage with our central Corporate Integrity and Compliance

Risk Assessment

We recognise that, although it is banned in most countries/territories, modern slavery continues to take place around the world and that we can always do more to identify and mitigate potential risks of modern slavery occurring within our business and our supply chains.

We aim to mitigate risk by maintaining the FedEx Alert Line. This line can be accessed by all FedEx employees or any other person who wishes to raise a concern. We encourage employees and other parties to raise concerns about any issue or suspicion of modern slavery through the FedEx Alert Line. All reports received through the FedEx Alert Line are acted upon promptly. FedEx employees are also encouraged to report modern slavery issues or concerns in accordance with FedEx’s Open Door and Whistleblowing policies without fear of reprisal or retribution.


To ensure FedEx employees understand the risks of modern slavery, we will provide training on the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and its requirements to those employees which are most directly involved with suppliers, such as our procurement function. Where we consider appropriate, we will also provide training to other departments.

Next Steps

Within the next financial year, we will aim to:

  • Provide training to the procurement function and review other areas of the business where training may be required;
  • Continue to enhance our operations, due diligence processes and internal controls by continuing to build upon the robust compliance culture that we have in place;
  • Seek to maintain our high standards and identify ways to further enhance

Relevant Links

Governance and Citizenship. Further information can be found at:

Board Approval

This statement is signed on behalf of FedEx UK Limited by Trevor Hoyle, Senior Vice President for FedEx Express & TNT.