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Corporate Integrity & Compliance

Corporate Integrity & Compliance


Customers trust us with their shipments. In the simplest terms, we can’t do business if we aren’t trustworthy and ethical. Get to know the FedEx Code of Conduct and some of our key policies to understand how we’re walking the walk as we work around the globe.


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Ethisphere's Compliance Leader Verification (CLV) recognizes organizations with an outstanding commitment to achieving a best-in-class ethics and compliance program.

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FedEx Code of Conduct

Our Code guides us through day-to-day work. Every team member should get to know our Code as part of onboarding.

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Ways to speak up

Part of being ethical is keeping ourselves accountable. We are obligated to report illegal and unethical behavior.

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Global policies

We’re committed to following laws and regulations wherever we do business. This includes preventing human trafficking and complying with global antitrust/competition, export controls, and sanctions laws and regulations.

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Conflicts of interest

We're committed to operating with the highest level of integrity. That means acting openly, honestly and transparently.

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To protect our company and reputation, we follow the law and avoid doing business with people who don't respect it.


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Information privacy

As we work, we come into contact with the personal data of our customers. Part of being a trustworthy company is keeping their information safe and complying with data laws.

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Social media and messaging

Team members with Twitter, Facebook and other social media or texting apps should become comfortable with these policies to clear up the gray areas around these communication tools.