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Return labels for every situation

Streamline the return process for both you and your customer with a variety of helpful and easy-to-use return label solutions.

Simply create and print — it’s easy.

Create return labels on your computer or shipping system. Easily print and provide the label to your customer. You can also send the label as a PDF via email.

Boost efficiency with customizable email labels.

Easy and powerful, email return labels eliminate inefficiencies by enabling the return shippers to edit their own label. Simply create the label and send it electronically to your customers. You can also provide the return shipper with customized return instructions, if needed.

How to Get Your Return Shipment to FedEx

Here are a few options to help your return package easily reach FedEx:

  • Schedule a pickup online. Pickups for returns can be scheduled online by completing our online form. Alternatively, if you have a FedEx account number you can use our Schedule a Pickup application.
  • Call Customer Service to schedule a return package pick-up. You don’t need a FedEx account number, but you do need to specify that you are requesting a pick-up for a return shipment.
  • Drop off return packages at a convenient FedEx location . Use our convenient Locator Tool to find the nearest FedEx location.
  • Include the return shipment in a regularly scheduled pickup

Discover a state-of-the-art returns experience

Streamline your entire returns process, cut down on costly errors and create a smooth, hassle-free experience for everyone involved. Do it with FedEx® Global Returns. Built to give you ultimate control, this solution is automated, customs-friendly and flexible.

Get more from your returns solution

Get more control throughout the returns process.

Know exactly where your return is throughout the returns process, link the return shipment to the original outbound shipment, and manage tracking and reporting for all returns in your account.

Get more freedom to create customs documents and labels.

Give your business the freedom to create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment or create them just for the return leg — and you can choose to send the label as a hard copy, PDF, or editable online return label.

Get more experience on your side during the customs clearance process.

Get expert customs clearance assistance from a team with decades of experience navigating the dynamic and complex world of international shipping.

Return types, simplified

When processing your international return package with a FedEx electronic shipping solution, you’ll need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes — on both the outbound and the return shipment. The following chart is designed to help simplify the process.

Outbound Shipment: What’s the reason for including a return label? Associated Return Shipment: What’s the reason for the return? When is this used?
Courtesy Return Label Rejected Merchandise When you're including a return label for your customer, but don't expect returns.
For Exhibition/Trade Show Exhibition/Trade Show Returns When the goods you’re shipping are for a show, exhibition, trade show, or event.
Item for Loan Return of Loaned Item When the goods you’re shipping are for temporary use and will be returned to you in an unaltered state.
Items for Use in a Trial Trial Returns When the goods you’re shipping are for a trial and will be returned to you.
Replacement Faulty Item Being Sent When you’re shipping a replacement item in advance and receiving a faulty item back.
Temporary Export — Other Return - Other When none of the other reasons listed apply. You will have the ability to state your exact reasons for the return.
For Repair/Processing Repair/Processing When the goods you’re shipping will be either repaired or otherwise processed before being returned to you. Processing may include modification, incorporation, or treatment of some kind.
Following Repairs/Processing N/A When the recipient previously sent you the item for repair, but not via FedEx.


Good to know

Multiple piece shipments are not allowed with Returns shipments.

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