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Ondot solutions GmbH is an Austrian software company based in Wr. Neudorf. 25 employees develop and market our products at this location. The products are currently sold in Europe and US. Sales will be extended to other countries via our partner network. "By now more than 250000 shipments per day are handled via shipping.NET"


Solution Type

eCommerce, Order Management

Regions Supported

US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America

Customer Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, Omnichannel


eCommerce, multi-channel retail, 3PL, warehouse


Connections with marketplaces, platforms, and carriers, customizable, flexibility


Import and manage orders from unlimited selling channels on any plan, Batch print hundreds of labels with our cloud-based solution, Returns made easy with customer-initiated returns portal

Shipping Volume



$9 — $159 Per Month






shipping.NET - the modular team player shipping.NET is an IT solution for warehouse logistics, shipping management and transport management.

The complete shipping.NET solution platform consists of several modules, all of them fitting in seamlessly with your existing IT landscape and suitable to be combined at will depending on your requirements. In the process, shipping.NET will take over all data from existing ERP systems, automatically updating all master data, thus ensuring a consistently updated database. Modern user guidance provides accurate support during your daily work and present the required information conveniently.

The shipping module provides optimal support during the shipping of your goods.

Speeding up internal processes will help you save time and money, and you are no longer bound to one single shipping provider. Your business will remain competitive and flexible. And shipping.NET will grow along with your

business: upon request, further modules can be added, thus further optimizing your shipping solutions. For instance, by adding the new shipping.NET packing desk for the quick capture of consignments.

Flexible printing options/b> – Print bulk labels, customs forms and more to any web-enabled printer whether it’s in the same office, across town or in another country.