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ShippyPro is a cloud-based software that integrates multiple sales channels with a wide variety of carriers in one simple, universal interface. In our shipping management system you can import and coordinate all of your orders across marketplaces and CMS platforms with your couriers in just a few clicks. With ShippyPro you can print in bulk your shipping labels, automatically update your customers with parcel tracking numbers and provide an easy return process while you save time and money on shipping.


Solution Type

eCommerce, Order Management

Regions Supported

US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America

Customer Sizes

Small, Medium, Large, Omnichannel


eCommerce, multi-channel retail, 3PL, warehouse


Connections with marketplaces, platforms, and carriers, customizable, flexibility


Import and manage orders from unlimited selling channels on any plan, Batch print hundreds of labels with our cloud-based solution, Returns made easy with customer-initiated returns portal

Shipping Volume



$9 — $159 Per Month






ShippyPro is the Universal MULTI-Carrier Shipping API that is proud to work with FedEx. We support multi-channel and multi-account capabilities that will allow you to automatically import your orders from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many other selling channels with the click of a button.

Once you have created an account with ShippyPro you will be able to enjoy our exclusive Track and Trace feature. With this software you will be able to track all of your parcels and send notifications to your customers automatically and these transactional emails are completely customizable. 

No more copying and pasting, save time and money with our powerful API integrations. The days of manually inputting information into your courier’s website are over and the possibilities are practically endless with our following exclusive features: Shipping Rate Calculator, Automated Picking List, Printing Labels in Bulk, Bulk Tracking & Updating, Pickup Manager, Branded Tracking Page, Delivering Notifications, One-Click Ready Documentation and Invoice Production.

Lastly, with ShippyPro you can set up an automated return process for all of your orders across all platforms in just a few clicks to allow your customers to have the satisfaction of easy returns when things do not go as planned. Let us handle your headaches while you focus on your core business. We are shipping professionals and by working with us, you too can ship like a pro!