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Distribution Services

Distribution Services

Your supply chain made simple

There's no need for middlemen. Ship factory direct and get your goods where they need to go quickly, easily and affordably. FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® can help you save on duties and taxes, ensure full visibility of your shipments, reduce warehouse costs, increase your speed to market — and more.

Save time and money with a streamlined supply chain

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Step 1

From origin manufacturing facility.

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Step 2

Freight no longer stops at the origin container yard or consolidation cenre.

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Step 3

Goods are transported internationally and processed through customs in one go.

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Step 4

Freight bypasses transport to warehouses or distribution centres.

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Step 5

Orders no longer need to be processed, picked or packed for shipment.

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Step 6

Individual shipments are tendered to delivery carrier for final delivery.

Enjoy key benefits that can help you build a better business

Shrink warehousing costs

Grow in your market without the costly investment in warehousing.

  • Reduce inventory and warehousing costs
  • Minimize damage and losses as all claims go through one network
  • Shrink insurance and other costs
  • Avoid handling costs
  • Reduce fees

Enjoy a fully transparent cost structure

Depend on one carrier from origin to delivery

Rely on FedEx as the sole partner in your logistical chain.

  • Count on one carrier for your shipment from origin to delivery; limiting loss, damage and delay
  • Get world-class control, insight and accountability

With over 40 years of experience, FedEx is one of the largest express transportation companies worldwide

Reduce your transit time

Get it there faster with the expertise and efficiency of FedEx.

  • Experience transit times of two to four days for most shipments
  • Benefit from a seamless customs process
  • Deliver goods directly to your customers

Depend on the FedEx money-back guarantee to ensure fast transit times

Full details on FedEx money-back guarantee, terms and limitations are available in section 18 of our Conditions of Carriage.

Keep an eye on your shipment, whenever, wherever

Get unparalleled insight into your shipment status, every step of the way.

  • Rely on a single, fast-moving, consolidated-clearance, direct-distribution solution
  • Get package-level visibility

Profit from an integrated solution. See how FedEx can improve your visibility here.

Trust our four decades of experience

With decades of experience as an industry leader, we can deliver success to any size business.

  • Count on a dedicated team of Distribution Solution experts
  • Stay in the know with comprehensive shipment tracking, including proof of delivery

Do more with simple automated shipping tools, both online and offline here.

We're here to make things simple

A contractual service, FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution is for FedEx account holders only. Contact our sales team to discuss service rates and details.

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