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Electronic with Originals (EWO)

Electronic with Originals (EWO)

Save time and reduce errors when you ship internationally. Learn how to submit customs documents electronically using Electronic With Originals.

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Electronic With Originals enables you to upload and submit your customs documentation so you don't need to print multiple copies — it's all processed electronically. With this shipping solution, you’ll save time and money, and enjoy greater peace of mind.

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What is Electronic With Originals?

Electronic With Originals is an automated international shipping solution that allows you to submit your customs documentation electronically so you no longer need to print multiple copies, just one as per India regulatory requirements.

Why should I use Electronic With Originals?

It will simplify the international shipping process. You don’t have to print, sign, fold and attach multiple copies of trade documentation to each shipment. You can save money on printing documents and save time on processing international shipments.

What are the key benefits of Electronic With Originals?

Electronic With Originals helps you simplify the international shipping process, makes operational efficiencies possible by helping you save paper, reduces your printing costs and provides peace of mind. You can:

  • Upload trade documents in advance of your shipment, allowing time for pre-clearance assistance.
  • Upload company letterhead and signature images to help you comply with customs clearance requirements in some countries.
  • Lower your consumption of paper, printers, toner and shipping materials, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce customs delays, which increases your shipping reliability and helps improve your reputation.
  • Save time when preparing documentation, enabling you to perform other departmental tasks and improve your company’s productivity and profits.

How does Electronic With Originals streamline the customs clearance process?

It allows you to send the customs documentation ahead of your shipment’s arrival at customs. If there is any missing or additional information needed, you’ll be notified earlier, reducing the impacts of any shipment delays or caged shipments.

What countries can accept a shipment using Electronic With Originals?

Electronic With Originals can be used for both import and export shipments. View the list of available countries to see whether it’s accepted in the countries you ship to/from.

What kinds of shipments can use Electronic With Originals?

It’s available for all outbound FedEx Express®   shipments. Electronic With Originals is most beneficial for non-document or commodity shippers.

What are my options to prepare international trade documents?

You can prepare, store and reuse customs documents online with the FedEx Document Preparation Center on FedEx Global Trade Manager.

What are my options for uploading international trade documents?

You can choose to either electronically submit your own trade documents or take advantage of documents generated by FedEx. 

Does this mean I no longer need to print trade documentation?

You may be required to submit original paperwork based on the destination country requirements.

Do I still have to print my shipping label?

Yes. Electronic With Originals allows you to submit customs documentation electronically, but you must still print a shipping label.