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Connecting people and possibilities

Connecting people and possibilities

Discover what happens when you connect people and possibilities in the new BBC documentary, Made on Earth, delivered in association with FedEx.

See how a business grows and a community thrives when a Colombian coffee farmer connects with a coffee shop owner in Asia.

Think Global, be global

Introduce your business to the world

Explore stories of SMEs who transformed their start-up businesses into global companies.

Meet Café Devocion

From Columbia to New York, discover how FedEx delivers Café Devocion's fresh coffee across the globe without compromising on taste. 

FedEx Shipping Services

Shipping Services

Find the right shipping solution for you and your business.

Discover how smart technology from around the world is connecting with engineers in Kenya
to keep water flowing and a village flourishing.

New markets, new opportunities

New markets, new opportunities.

Discover how for many emerging markets, the future is looking brighter than ever.

Meet Visual Planet

Explore the possibilities this innovative touch-screen technology company have accessed all over the world.

Taking care of your business

Taking care of your business

Don't let supply chain complexity get in the way of growing your business – find out how we can help.

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