FedEx® Healthcare Priority

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  • FedEx Healthcare Priority

  • FedEx Healthcare Priority

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The healthcare business is as diverse as the patients it serves. We provide solutions to fit your specific shipping needs.

  • Pharmaceuticals


Whether your pharmaceuticals are going to an in-home patient across the city or a clinic around the globe, there are countless connections that need to go right. At FedEx, we help make your supply chain reliable, secure, and compliant.

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Key Benefits:

  • Temperature Integrity


Temperature Integrity

From cryogenic to warm temperatures, our solutions will help maintain the integrity of your products throughout their journey.

Control temperatures

  • End-to-end Security & Visibility


End-to-end Security & Visibility

From pickup to final delivery, your high-value or temperature-sensitive packages are monitored and visible through near real-time tracking systems.

Maintain visibility

  • Quality Assurance



FedEx QMS’ trained personnel process monitoring, controls and audits to achieve consistent results for your shipments.

Ensure quality

  • Healthcare Insights

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