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Specialist freight solutions, customised to suit your business

When you’re shipping freight, you need a service that’s efficient, safe and tailored to the requirements of your heavy shipment. When your business uses FedEx freight services, you’re accessing an in-depth understanding of supply chains. And that gets your business the solution it needs to deliver your heaviest shipments where they need to be – securely and reliably.

Freight Matters

If freight matters to you, it matters to FedEx Express, the world’s largest cargo airline. That’s why our global freight network gives you access to more capacity than any other carrier and more destinations than ever before.

Watch how we take care of your most important freight.

  • Freight Matters

When timing is crucial

FedEx International Priority® Freight

Our time-definite, customs-cleared service gives you:

  • Access to 130 destinations worldwide
  • Flexible pickup and delivery options, including at weekends and on public holidays
  • Dedicated pickups on demand
  • Next day 10:30am service to most US destinations*
From/to Great Britain* 
Export transit time Import transit time
1–2 days 2–3 days
1–3 days 1–3 days
Latin America 
1–3 days 2–4 days
2–4 days 2–4 days


*Transit times may vary depending on origin and destination as well as type of goods being shipped. For details please call the freight hotline.

For less urgent shipments

FedEx International Economy® Freight

Our day-definite, worldwide freight solution with great features for an economy budget gives you:

  • The streamlined reliability of a single carrier
  • Access to most destinations worldwide in 3 to 7 days*
  • Better planning for tighter production schedules
  • Minimal need to hold safety stock for you and your customers


The following service options are not available with this solution:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Dry Ice
  • Perishables


*Transit times may vary depending on origin and destination as well as type of goods being shipped. For details please call the freight hotline.

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Why choose FedEx
for your freight?

Customisable options
We have the solutions to suit your specific demand
Global experience
Access to the largest cargo airline in the world and an unrivalled global network

Visibility and tracking
Security and reassurance with 24-hour tracking
Flexible and reliable
We can meet your requirements regardless of your time restrictions and budget

Simple to use
Simple pricing, easy access to detailed information, and fast booking


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Delivery and pickups to suit your requirements

We have four delivery options:
1: door-to-door, 2: door-to-airport, 3: airport-to-airport or 4: airport-to-door.

Give your highest priority shipments special treatment

With FedEx® Customised Freight, your heavy or large shipments get a tailor-made solution via a Standard Operating Procedure, created by our team of logistics experts.

  • Priority boarding on our air freight network
  • Dedicated pickup for Saturday, Sunday or holiday deliveries – even for security reasons
  • End-to-end temperature control
  • Proactive shipment monitoring and tracking

Customise your shipments

Your shipping requirements are as individual as your business. We offer solutions that maximise flexibility and efficiency while minimising costs, to give you a tailor-made service.

  • Urgent deliveries
  • Special handling for shipments needing extra care
  • Competitive deferred airfreight service
  • Fast and seamless customs clearance and help with international document preparation
  • Mix-and-match gateway options and consolidation methods

Keep an eye on your shipments

Fast tracking at your fingertips with FedEx Advanced Tracking.

  • Customised, in-depth tracking
  • See inbound, outbound and third-party shipments in near real time

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Expert monitoring by our analysts for your high value freight with FedEx Priority Alert.

  • We monitor mission-critical, temperature-sensitive shipments so you don’t have to worry
  • Round-the-clock support and personalised notifications
  • Priority boarding

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Check our shipment requirements

Freight Customer Service

Max. dimensions per item

Packages must:

  • Be pallet-stackable, blister-packed and/or wire-banded
  • Weigh 68–1,000kg per item

A minimum weight of 68kg/item is applied for billing. Larger weights and volumes are available on request and maximum dimensions vary by origin and destination. Dimensional weight applies.

Multiple skids (holding up to 9,998 items but no more than 10 commodities) can be shipped on a single Expanded International Air Waybill or automation device label.

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