Zones, transit times and surcharges

Zones, transit times and surcharges

Zones, transit times and surcharges

Follow our simple guide to FedEx Express zones, transit times and surcharges

What determines your shipping cost?

When you’re shipping with FedEx Express, you are offered a number of options with different prices. These are determined by shipment size, shipment weight, delivery speed and geographic zone.


Shipment Size

Package size is a key factor when calculating shipping rates. As a general rule, the bigger the package, the more it costs to ship.


Shipment Weight

Heavier packages cost more to ship, so it is important to pack strategically.

FedEx rate sheets

Delivery Speed

FedEx Express has a wide range of delivery options. Whether you need something shipped overnight or in a few days, we have the delivery option for you.

FedEx Express shipping tool


Our guide details the zones allocated to each country. Simply find the country you want to export to and find the zone.

How to calculate the charges that apply to your shipment


Find the zone that your destination / origin falls within.


Choose which service you wish to use.


Determine the total weight of your shipment to find the transportation rate.


Determine whether any fuel surcharges or ancillary surcharges apply to your shipments. See below for more information.

FedEx Express zones

Find the zone that your destination/origin falls within in the relevant Zone locator.

Transit times

Our transit times depend on the service you’re shipping with. For transit times applicable to your market, check out our guide.


Surcharges are additional charges that are mandatory and applicable to your shipments. There are a number of charges that may be added to the base cost of transporting goods.

You may notice a difference in how FedEx Express shows surcharges, compared to TNT. FedEx Express factors these into quotes, whereas TNT adds them at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you switch from shipping with TNT to FedEx Express, you will continue to receive exceptional service.

We will open a FedEx Express account for you, which will give you access to FedEx Express services and tools. Your FedEx Express international rates have been calculated based on your TNT shipping history, and for a short period of time, you’ll have access to both your TNT and FedEx Express accounts to help ease the transition.

After this period, your TNT account will be deactivated, and you will only be able to ship with FedEx Express.

Your TNT account number will only stay active in our financial and clearance systems to allow us to invoice for duty and taxes for any TNT shipments delivered to you.

While the FedEx Express services will have different names, we will be able to offer you comparable services to those you used with TNT. We’ve put together a table to show you how our services compare.

We have brought together our Sales teams, so you can benefit from having a single Sales contact. This will remain the same after your transition to FedEx Express and you will work with the same Sales representative as before.

If you do not have a Sales representative and have questions, please contact FedEx Express customer service who will be happy to help.

When you move from TNT to FedEx Express, you will need to use the FedEx Express customer service number for matters relating to your FedEx Express shipments or account. Please only contact TNT customer service if you have queries related to your TNT account or TNT shipments.

Please contact FedEx Express customer service for matters concerning your move to FedEx Express account and/or FedEx shipments, as well as your queries relating to your TNT account, myTNT shipping tools and/or TNT shipments. This includes queries about your past TNT shipments, claims or invoice queries.

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