Setting up FedEx Express as a vendor

Setting up FedEx Express as a vendor

Setting up FedEx Express as a vendor

We know that setting up a new vendor for your business can take a while. So, as we move closer to the date you move to FedEx Express, it’s important to prepare your business accordingly. 

Will your invoicing / billing options change?

We want you to know about the changes we’re implementing, as this will ensure you receive the high quality of service you expect from us. Here are a couple of key changes to consider: 

Invoicing party

Invoicing party

You’ll receive invoices from FedEx Express for your FedEx Express shipments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your payment terms and credit terms will change as FedEx Express shipments will be subject to FedEx Express payment and credit terms. If you are in any doubt about when your payment is due, please review your invoice to see the due date of the payment.

Yes, you will receive separate invoices from FedEx Express and TNT. Any outstanding payment for your TNT invoice(s) should be settled directly with TNT. FedEx Express will send weekly invoices for your transportation charges and they will need to be paid by the due date on the invoice. Any duty and tax charges will be invoiced immediately – duty and tax invoices are payable upon receipt.

You can use Electronic Funds Transfer and pay by credit/debit card.

You can use FedEx® Billing Online to receive and review, all from one secure online location.

  • View invoices and shipment detail
  • Download invoices as PDF, XML, XLS, or CSV
  • Flexible account management

Visit FedEx® Billing Online to learn more.

Someone in your company will be assigned to be admin of FedEx® Billing Online – they will automatically receive your invoices as a PDF by email. For more information, visit our FedEx® Billing Online page.

For non-users of FedEx® Billing Online, weekly invoices and Statement of Accounts (SoA) will be distributed directly via emails.

No, payments for TNT shipments/invoices will need to be paid to TNT in the normal manner.

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