Spring 2015 Edition

  • Follow New Global Trends With Access Magazine

Follow New Global Trends With Access Magazine

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What is Access?

A connected world is a better world. And our Access Magazine explores the new ways global connections are being redefined and how businesses and communities benefit:

  • read about companies, like Nissan, that are shifting their global manufacturing strategies;
  • dig into conversations with forward thinkers such as Navi Radjou. His book, Jugaad Innovation, delves into the concept of “improvised solutions” — using bicycle power to recharge cell phones, for example;
  • find out how companies as diverse as Patagonia and IKEA are at the forefront of an effort to achieve zero waste — a circular economy;
  • check out other trends and research that can transform the way we live and work .

Access is an award-winning annual print publication that's also available in an online edition where you can review new stories, trends and information. Read in the Access 25 about the people, places and ideas that are changing how the world is connected.

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