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  • Quality Driven Management to meet your needs

Quality Driven Management to meet your needs

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FedEx never stands still. And no matter how good our quality may be, we always want to do better for our customers.

But how does FedEx - a company already renowned for quality - get even better? Our answer is Quality Driven Management (QDM), an approach built on decades of experience during which we have developed the highest levels of quality and leadership.

QDM draws on the best ideas and practices from many quality philosophies — including Six Sigma, Lean and Total Quality Management — to create an approach to quality that’s as unique as FedEx itself. Unlike most other approaches, QDM is designed for a service business like ours — rather than for manufacturing. That means QDM is always focused on you.

We make it our aim to make every FedEx customer experience outstanding. And that means we constantly measure our performance by means of an enterprise-wide system of metrics to ensure that we always focus our efforts on what really matters most – your needs.

In support of this abiding business strategy we’ve launched an internal scheme to drive the full potential of our QDM tools and principles. Key aspects include:

  • regular training and skills reinforcement programmes to ensure the effective use of quality tools at all levels of our company;
  • the use of statistical software tools to allow the accurate analysis and use of data relating to quality issues;
  • the regular weekly provision of resources to Managers to assist them and their teams in the effective use of QDM to improve quality every day;
  • the active pursuit of systems and practices enabling team members to fully understand customer needs and enable them to develop effective quality solutions.

QDM is a unique quality philosophy and methodology, one built by FedEx for FedEx that’s based on a belief deeply embedded in our culture – that customers define quality.

And that means you can always be sure that we put your needs first.

For more information about QDM, click here.


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