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Customer Referral Campaign

Customer Referral Campaign

China Customer Referral Campaign, Enjoy Reward!

We invite you to join a customer referral campaign. WIN gifts and shopping vouchers!

Campaign period commences on 01 July 2019 and concludes on 30 Nov 2020 (both dates inclusive)

Campaign Mechanism:

⚬ Introducer to introduce business partners to FedEx

⚬ Introducer will be rewarded if referee can open FedEx new account and ship


Reward to Introducer

1st 30 days after new account creation

At least one paid IXP shipment or five DXP shipments

RMB100 Valued Gifts

1st 90 days after new account creation

One paid IXP shipment

RMB100 IXP Shipping voucher

Two paid IXP shipment

RMB200 IXP Shipping voucher

Three and above paid IXP shipment

RMB300 IXP Shipping voucher

One paid DXP shipment

RMB20 DXP Shipping voucher

Two paid DXP shipment

RMB40 DXP Shipping voucher

Three and above paid DXP shipment

RMB60 DXP Shipping voucher


Please fill out and submit the following information to participation

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Referee, FedEx Customer Service Specialist will help on account opening

Please contact FedEx Customer Service Hotline for more information: 800.988.1888/400.886.1888