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FedEx Express Convenient Export Clearance Solution

FedEx Express Convenient Export Clearance Solution

Speed up customs clearance for same day shipments to U.S. or Canada.

Speed up customs clearance for same day shipments to U.S. or Canada.

What is it?

FedEx Express Convenient Export Clearance (CEC) Solution is a new clearance solution. Multiple eligible packages with only one set of export declaration material to start your efficient journey, who doesn’t want it?

How will you benefit?

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Simplified Tax Refund Process 

The process for customers to declare export tax refunds for consolidated shipments is easier. 

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Time Saving

Customers will only need to prepare one set of declaration materials, which saves time and human resources.

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Ease of Use

IP/IE customers just continue doing what they are doing – no need to change their current service mode or payment methods.

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Tax Free Policy Benefits

Qualified shipments entering the US/Canada will be tax free.

See how it works

With CEC, multiple packages that are shipped on the same day to different consignees can be consolidated and declared as a whole to China Customs, and declared separately in the U.S. or Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

Sorry, different service type is not allowed to be mixed under one master AWB.

For outbound clearance, max number of commodity (HS code) in single clearance document is 50. In order to avoid potential clearance delay, we’d suggest the number of commodity in single clearance document should be within a reasonable range

No, the guideline is to have no duplicated consignee in one consolidated shipment

Sorry, currently, CEC only applies to international shipments from Mainland China to Canada/ U.S.. In the future, CEC will be expanded to more international destinations.

Thanks for your interest. If you want to learn more about this solution, please contact your sales representative.  

  • This solution is available at some cities of origin in China. Please contact Customer Service or your sales representative for more information.
  • Shipper shall comply with all applicable Customs policies, laws and regulations of origin locations and destinations.