Priority Delivery

Priority Delivery

Priority Delivery

Service Commitment: Fast, Time-definite, Reliable

  • Speedy Service: Packages picked up before the cut-off time will be delivered as early as possible* on the next or the second business day
  • Wide Coverage: Covers most cities and areas throughout China, door-to-door service
  • Guarantee: With the FedEx Tracking and Money-Back Guarantee# , you will have peace of mind every step of the way 
Coverage: Covers most cities and areas throughout China
Delivery: Packages picked up before the cut-off time will be delivered as early as possible* by the next- or second-business day
Operating Day: Monday to Saturday
Weight and size limitation:
  • Max weight: 68kg per package**
  • Max Dim: unilateral size equals 120cm or the sum of L+W+H=200cm
Money Back Guarantee: Click to see details

* Delivery time varies by origin and destination. Intra-region shipments or shipments to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Sea can be delivered the next morning. Shipments to most of the remaining cities can be delivered the next day, while a small number of cities will require 2-day delivery. 
# Subject to the terms and conditions.
** In selected routes, maximum dim weight: 30kg. Packages that exceed the maximum weight or dimensions, please contact with sales representative or CS for details.

The above information is only for reference and subject to change.
Please contact our Customer Service for latest information: 400.889.1888

Priority Delivery Call-in Cut-off Time

Origin province Origin city Call-in cut-off time for
 shipping to specific cities*
All day call-in cut-off time#
Anhui Hefei 15:00 18:00
Beijing Bejing 18:00
Chongqing Chongqing 18:00
Fujian Fuzhou 17:30
Quanzhou 17:00
Xiamen 17:00
Gansu Lanzhou 18:00
Guangdong Shantou 19:00
Guangzhou 18:00
Dongguan 18:00
Foshan 18:00
Huizhou 19:00
Jiangmen 17:00
Shenzhen 18:00
Zhongshan 17:30
Zhuhai 17:00
Guangxi Nanning 13:00 18:00
Guizhou Guiyang 18:00
Hainan Haikou 18:00
Hebei Shijiazhuang 18:00
Tangshan 18:00
Henan Zhengzhou 14:00 18:00
Heilongjiang Harbin 17:00
Hubei Wuhan 12:00 18:00
Hunan Changsha 18:00
Jilin Changchun 18:00
Jiangsu Nanjing 18:00
Suzhou 18:00
Wuxi 18:00
Kunshan 18:00
Zhangjiagang 15:30
Changzhou 16:00 18:00
Nantong 18:00
Yangzhou 18:00
Zhenjiang 17:30
Jiangxi Nanchang 16:00 17:30
Liaoning Shenyang 13:00 18:00
Dalian 11:00 18:00
Inner Mongolia Hohhot 17:30
Shandong Qingdao 18:00
Jinan 18:00
Weifang 16:00 18:00
Yantai 18:00
Zibo 17:00 18:00
Shanxi Taiyuan 18:00
Shaanxi Xi'an 12:00 18:00
Shanghai Shanghai 18:00
Sichuan Chengdu 18:00
Tianjin Tianjin 16:30 18:00
Xinjiang Urumqi 20:00
Yunnan Kunming 17:00
Zhejiang Huzhou 18:00
Yiwu 18:00
Jiaxing 18:00
Shaoxing 18:00
Taizhou 17:30
Wenzhou 18:00
Ningbo 18:30
Hangzhou 18:00

* Call-in cut-off time for specific destination cities is earlier than all day call-in cut-off time, the specific destination cities vary depending on origins, please contact Customer Service for more information
# All day call-in cut-off time refers to the latest cut-off time when you call our customer service hotline to place an order for pick-up. Cut-off time varies by different cities/regions. Usually, pickup can be arranged in most cities on the same day if pickup order is placed before 6pm on working days and the package is well prepared.

The above Call-in Cut-off time only for reference. Please contact our Customer Service at 400.889.1888 to check the cut-off time by postal code.

Note on Declared Value for Carriage for FedEx Domestic Services

A. Limits of Liability

FedEx's maximum liability for loss, damage, delay or any other claim with regard to any shipment is limited to RMB 100 per shipment or RMB 20 per kilogram whichever is greater, unless the shipper declares a higher value for carriage under the “Declared Value for Carriage” column on Consignment Note and the corresponding surcharge is paid. 

If a higher value of carriage is declared (subject to the limits imposed on the value that may be declared as noted immediately below), FedEx’s liability for loss, damage or delay of a shipment will not exceed its repair cost, its depreciated value or its replacement cost, whichever is the least.

B. Declared Value for Carriage

Shipper may choose to write down the actual value of shipment under the “Declared Value for Carriage” column on Consignment Note when handing in the shipment. The highest declared value allowed for a shipment is RMB 250,000. (Please contact our Customer Service or refer to the Terms and Conditions on the back of Consignment Note for our limited liabilities.) 

C. Shipments of Extraordinary Value

Shipments containing any of the following items of extraordinary value are limited to a maximum declared value for carriage of RMB 7,000. Our maximum liability for any claim for such item is RMB 7,000 or RMB 20 per kilogram, whichever is greater.

Artwork Antiques
Glassware, fragile goods Jewelry including watches and gems
Precious metals Furs
Ostrich and emu eggs Collector’s items
Film, photographic images Guitar and other Musical instruments that are more than 20 years old
Any commodity that by its inherent nature is particularly susceptible to damage, or the market value of which is particularly variable or difficult to ascertain

D. Surcharge for Declared Value for Carriage

If the declared value of your shipment is more than RMB 100 per shipment or RMB 20 per kilogram, whichever is greater, we will collect a surcharge of 0.5% based on your declared value. The minimum surcharge is RMB 2 per shipment. (Please contact our Customer Service or refer to the current price list.)