Service, Regulatory Updates and Important Notifications

Service, Regulatory Updates and Important Notifications

Service, Regulatory Updates and Important Notifications

Service News

Due to the upcoming Hanshin Expressway Wangan-Line closure for renewal construction between November 20th to November 29th, 2019, the traffic jam on major roads will be expected. 

In view of the above situation, FedEx Nanko and Kobe Stations will change the services during the period as follows:

FedEx Station

Call-in cutoff time

Package drop off


Nanko Station

Bring forward 1 hour earlier than usual

Bring forward to 18:00
(usually at 19:00)

Suspend the same day delivery for inbound shipments cleared in the p.m.

Kobe Station

Same as above

Bring forward to 17:00
(usually at 18:00)

Expect delay or suspension of delivery, depending on traffic conditions

*Closed on November 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday).

*Please also be noted that even export shipments picked up by the cutoff time above may not be loaded into the flight we originally planned, depending on the traffic conditions.

We would like to seek your cooperation in preparing your packages and making pick-up requests earlier than usual. 

We appreciate your kind understanding in advance.

For inquiries, please call our Customer Services at 0120-003200. 

Effective Nov 11, 2019, FedEx International Economy Freight (IEF) shipments from Eastern Japan to part of Australia (except area ZIP code 6000-6770) has been launched.  Transit time of new service is current FedEx International Economy (IE) + 1-2 day

Should you have any inquiries, you may contact our Customer Service Team at 0120-003200.

As previously reported by the government and general media, the G20 Aichi, Nagoya the Foreign Minister Meeting will be held on Nov. 22 (Fri) and Nov.23 (Sat) at Nagoya Kanko Hotel in Nagoya-shi, Aichi pref. There will be major traffic control measures to be taken in the area surrounding the Hotel including some express ways.

  • The meeting schedule: November 22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat, Holiday)
  • Traffic control schedule: November 21 (Thu) through 24 (Sun)

FedEx will try to provide the usual services during this period, but please be noted that delivery delay may be expected to and via the traffic-controlled areas. In addition, please be advised in advance that our pickup service may also experience delay and the same-day flight uplift of your export shipments would become difficult. Considering this anticipated situation, we would highly appreciate it if you would cooperate in preparing your packages and make pick-up requests earlier than usual.

We appreciate your kind understanding in advance.

For inquiries, please call our Customer Services at 0120-003200.

FedEx International Economy DirectDistribution (IED) is a delivery service of bulk shipments from one origin location to multiple addresses at competitive rates. Shipment clears customs as a single unit and then individual pieces are delivered to multiple addresses, bypassing warehouses and middlemen.

We are pleased to announce that effective November 4, 2019, International Economy DirectDistribution (IED) service will be provided for shipments to and from the following markets: 

• To and from Japan and China 

• From Korea to Japan 

• From China to Korea

• From Hong Kong SAR to Australia 

• From Singapore to Australia 

• From Singapore to Japan 

With the new service launch, based on business requirements, customers can now choose either priority or economy distribution services for these lanes.

The UK Parliament has been granted a further extension until January 31, 2020 to the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU).

What does this mean?

The UK was scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm on October 31, 2019. However, a further extension to Article 50 has now been agreed. This extension will last until January 31, 2020, unless a Brexit deal is ratified with an earlier exit date.

For the duration of the extension, the UK will remain within the EU Single Market and your import and export procedures from/to the UK will remain unchanged.

What happens next?

Until a Withdrawal Agreement is passed by the UK Parliament, the legal default position for the UK remains exiting the EU without a deal at the end of the extension period. 

While the process of determining how the UK leaves the EU continues, we will be following the Brexit developments closely, assessing impacts and making necessary arrangements to help you implement any new processes and regulations. Find out more from our Brexit toolkit.

Shipping Regulatory Update

The Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance of Taiwan amended the "Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Air Express Consignments". Effective 1 January 2018, the de minimis amount for import low-value duty-free consignment will be NTD$ 2,000, down from NTD$ 3,000.

If you have any questions about the regulatory changes, please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Hotline.

From 1 July 2018, the Australian Government will introduce a 10% goods and services tax (GST) on the sale of goods valued at AUD1,000 or less, which have been imported into Australia by consumers.

Overseas merchants with annual sales into Australia of AUD75,000 or more will be required to comply with this new legislation. For details please go to the Australian Tax Office website or send an email to

This new legislation also requires merchants to provide relevant tax information to the transporter of low value goods. FedEx will collect this information electronically via its FedEx shipping software programs. Please click here for the shipping guide on low value goods to Australia.

Online Fraud Alert

We have received reports of fraudulent emails claiming to come from These messages have a vague subject referencing an invoice (e.g. “Your FedEx invoice is ready to be paid now,” “Please pay your outstanding FedEx invoice,” “New FedEx Invoice,” “Your FedEx invoice is ready,” “Pay your FedEx invoice online”).

If you receive a message matching this description do not open the email or enter any personal information. Delete the email immediately.

FedEx does not send unsolicited emails to customers requesting information regarding packages, invoices, account numbers, passwords or personal information.

Go to our FedEx Customer Protection Center to learn more about protecting yourself online. By following a few simple tips, you can make your online experience safer and more secure.

For more information on other fraudulent emails, you can visit our U.S. website by clicking here.

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent e-mail with unauthorized use of the FedEx name has been circulating to our customers. The e-mail claims that a FedEx shipment could not be delivered and asks the customers to open an attachment, print it out and take it to a FedEx facility to pick up the package.

Customers need to be aware that this is a fraudulent request and that this e-mail attachment contains a virus. If you have received one of these fraudulent e-mails, do not open the attachment, but delete the email immediately.

FedEx does not request payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in FedEx custody via unsolicited mail or e-mail.

If you have received a fraudulent e-mail that claims to be from FedEx and have experienced resulting financial loss, contact your banking institution immediately through the appropriate channels.

*FedEx is not responsible for any charges or costs incurred as a result of unauthorized or fraudulent activity that abuses the FedEx name, service marks and logos.

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