Nagyszerűbb lehetőségekkel kapcsoljuk össze Európát

Nagyszerűbb lehetőségekkel kapcsoljuk össze Európát
TNT- és FedEx-sofőr

A FedEx és a TNT egyesített hálózata minden eddiginél több lehetőséget teremt

As we bring together our services and reach, we’re expanding into new markets and providing the best quality of service for your European customers. Watch how.

Több kapcsolat, több szolgáltatás, több lehetőség


Disclaimer: Figures show FedEx and TNT collective capabilities in Europe. Further details here.

*Applicable to selected countries and postal codes – please check FedEx and TNT transit times.

Szolgáltatások szélesebb köre az Ön igényei szolgálatában

Whether you’re looking for speed, value or special handling, we’ve got services for all your business requirements.

When speed and certainty are essential

Get your goods to customers across Europe early the next day with our fast, reliable services. Enjoy more choice with express and economy delivery options for both parcels and freight.

Express service

Next-day by 9 a.m., 9:30 a.m. or 10 a.m., noon or end of day
Heavyweight Express by noon or end of day
Special Express with dedicated pick-up and delivery

Economy services

By noon or end of day for parcels and heavyweight

40% of FedEx Economy lanes now have quicker transit time*,
*Applicable to selected countries and postal codes – please consult your transit times.

When your shipment is urgent

Take control of your European road deliveries with your own dedicated vehicle. Personalise your deliveries even further with our dedicated international courier service for parcels and documents.

Külön jármű

Dedicated Vehicle

Légi charter

Air Charter

Következő induló járat

Next Flight Out

Fedélzeti futár

Onboard Courier

When your shipments are heavy or bulky

Send heavier, non-urgent shipments cost-effectively across the globe. Choose the speed and price option that meets your budget and receive updates on the progress of your shipment at every step.

Légi teherszállítás

Air Freight

Közúti teherszállítás

Road Freight

When you have special requirements to customise your shipments

Meet your business’ every need with our special services for road and air deliveries. Send dangerous goods securely, streamline your returns processes, reduce warehouse costs and increase speed to market.

Veszélyes áruk (légi)

Dangerous Goods (Air)

Veszélyes áruk (közúti)

Dangerous Goods (Ground)

International DirectDistribution-megoldások

International DirectDistribution Solutions



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Kiemelkedő hálózatunk működés közben

Don’t just take our word for it. Read how we’re delivering exciting possibilities in Europe with our customers' success stories, demonstrating our network in action.


Szakértői csapatainkkal találjon rá új lehetőségekre

Grow with the support of one sales contact for all your needs. Our customer service teams help you create and track shipments, while our courier teams handle every package with care. With our powerful connections and decades of logistics experience, we’re the ideal partners for your European shipments.

Könnyen használható, automatizált eszközeinkkel teljes rálátást kap

Simplify your processes with our wide range of sophisticated automated tools:


FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite

Quick and simple, the ideal shipping tool if you’re sending 20 or fewer packages a month. No need to log in.


FedEx Ship Manager® a fedex.com oldalon

Manage advanced options and ship multiple packages.


FedEx Ship Manager® szoftver

All the benefits of FedEx Ship Manager™ for high-volume shippers.

Kezdjen szállítani kiemelkedő európai hálózatunkkal!

Make the most of our combined capabilities today. Gain access to an even broader range of services and solutions – and the chance to discover more possibilities for your business.