Fall 2014 Edition

  • Take Advantage Of New Business Opportunities in New Markets

Take Advantage Of New Business Opportunities in New Markets

If you're looking for business growth, now's the time for you to start scouting for new customers in places like southern Africa, Egypt, Turkey or Nigeria.

These and other similar emerging economies - Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia and Vietnam for example - have abundant natural resources and commodities to sell, plus young and increasingly well-educated populations that are eager to work and have money to spend.

They are also better connected – both physically and virtually – to the world market. That's why they're the principal drivers of today’s growth in global internet take-up. For example, internet usage in Nigeria grew from 200,000 users in 2000 to over 48 million in 2012. This kind of change is allowing businesses of all sizes – from established multi-nationals to budding entrepreneurs – to enter and participate in the world marketplace.

Here at FedEx we stand at the intersection of the physical and informational infrastructure required for global commerce. That's the reason we continue to invest in these new economies through organic growth as well as acquisitions like Supaswift in southern Africa, whose integration into our existing network now provides our customers with greatly enhanced export and import services and solutions in seven countries in the region.

These and other young, vibrant economies are only now starting to flex their muscles, but by 2050 many of them are projected to make up the top twenty contributors to global GDP. In the meantime, slow growth continues to characterise the performance of traditional economic powerhouses.

So this is the ideal moment to take the long view and ensure you're well placed to take advantage of the increasing opportunities that global connectivity plus newly emerging markets represent. FedEx will be there beside you all the way, giving you seamless access to each and every market through the power of our global logistics network.

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