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  • Learn About SupplyChain Customer Success Stories

Learn About SupplyChain Customer Success Stories

If you are going to stay ahead of your competitors you always need to find ways to improve your manufacturing efficiency, product quality and profitability.


That is where FedEx SupplyChain can help you. You can call on our skills and experience to turn your logistics management into a competitive strategy. We enable you to focus on your competencies, reduce your costs and improve your customer service –you benefit from added value all the way.


Here is how we have helped a major European company to significantly improve its competitive edge


FedEx has recently been instrumental in helping a leading European engineering company to define, introduce and direct a single centralised supply chain. It has been a major success story.


This company’s customer-first philosophy had caused them to create six locally-controlled supply chains to handle their high value express shipments of delicate scientific instruments for repair, refurbishment or replacement. Their desire to fix any problem quickly and efficiently had also led to increased costs in handling and processing the return of unused or faulty products, including temperature-sensitive items and dangerous goods.


These and other factors had led them to conclude that they needed expert advice to maintain and improve their production efficiency whilst meeting the needs of 40,000 customers worldwide in an increasingly competitive market. That is why they contacted us.


FedEx skills and experience provide the answer


Following an initial assessment of the company’s business we recommended that they should specifically use FedEx Fulfillment Services® to provide a bespoke supply chain answer to their challenges and needs. After extensive in-depth research and discussions with the client we then implemented the following key enhancements to their existing supply chain systems:

  • the centralization of all their local inventories at our European Distribution Center in the Netherlands has directly led to massive cost savings;
  • instead of handling shipments themselves, the company’s service engineers can now go to a network of PUDO locations for the regular pickup or drop-off of damaged and defective parts and products;
  • sorting has been introduced into the returns process so that faulty items needing repair are separated out from those that are to be returned to stock. This has controlled and reduced costs, optimised product flow, and also ensured that customers are now speedily and efficiently credited for their returns;
  • significant efficiencies in the handling and supply of the dangerous goods included in the company’s product portfolio have been obtained;
  • the special temperature-control needs of different product lines have been analysed and addressed to ensure that appropriate handling, packaging and storage requirements are employed for each of the various items concerned;
  • issues surrounding distribution to remote areas have been resolved.

If you want to know more about this particular case, download the full story here.


Need more information about the storage of dangerous goods, temperature-controlled warehousing or returns management solutions? Call on us right away and let us help you.

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