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International Shipments,
Freight Your Way!

International Shipments,
Freight Your Way!





FedEx Retail Freight Campaign

We invite you to join “Freight Your Way” Retail Freight Campaign! FedEx offers enhanced air freight solution with efficiency, flexibility and reliability to handle your palletized freight at ease. Enroll now and enjoy premium for your above 68Kg international shipment.

Campaign period: 1 March 2020 – 31 May 2020 (both dates inclusive)

Promotion mechanism:

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Ship - Using campaign registered account to ship above 68Kg international paid-off shipment

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Weight - Account level accumulated 3-month shipment weight can exceed 1 Ton incremental

Premium shipping icon

Premium - Meet above conditions will be rewarded by one FedEx panda toy and one Thermos cup

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Enroll now: Please fill in and submit following information for participation

Reminder: Please use campaign registered account to pay for your shipment

Click here for Applicable Campaign Terms and Conditions or contact Sales

Please call Customer International Service Hotline for order placing

FedEx: 800.988.1888 (tel.) 400.886.1888 (mobile)

TNT: 800.820.9868 (tel.) 400.820.9868 (mobile)