Fall 2014 Edition

  • Now's The Time To Start Planning Your Christmas and New Year Deliveries

Now's The Time To Start Planning Your Christmas and New Year Deliveries

We are all ready to make sure that each and every one of your consignments is delivered right on time during the busy holiday season.

Time is racing by, so we would just like to remind you that our locations in the UK, France and the Netherlands will be closed on these days:

Bank Holidays

On 24th December and 31st December all our European sites will be open for business and providing service support for you as follows:

Customer Service and other support offices - these will remain open during normal working hours.

Receiving - we will maintain standard hours for the receipt of your inbound shipments as long as you can provide us with a 3 working day pre-alert via FedEx Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN). Larger shipments will be subject to an ASN of 5 working days as captured in your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Order processing cut-off times - we will be working to an order processing cut-off of 15:00 local time for all services, unless an earlier time has been agreed in your SOP.

Transportation – there may be some changes to normal transit times depending on your service options and destination countries. To ensure that we get your critical shipments to your customers on time, please contact Customer Service.

Our Emergency Order Process service can be activated during office closure if you have this option in your contract.

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