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  • SenseAwareSM By FedEx Is Ideal For Sensitive Consignments

SenseAwareSM By FedEx Is Ideal For Sensitive Consignments

When your goods require a strictly-controlled environment at every stage of their journey you want to know that they are in perfect condition at all times.


With that in mind we have introduced SenseAware to give you near real-time* access to your shipments’ vital statistics from initial pickup to final delivery, plus the ability to share that information with your consignees and business partners.

* Information during flight operations is not accessible for regulatory reasons.


It is ideal if you are dealing with high value or time-sensitive shipments within the healthcare, aerospace equipment or high tech industries, to name just a few examples. You get enhanced tracking visibility and full control of your supply chain.


A special multi-sensor device collects and transmits key data from inside packages, pallets, trailers and warehouses at every stage of your shipments’ progress. Wireless communication allied to a powerful online application then lets you monitor the location and condition of the contents of your sensitive consignments at any moment.


Just look at the detailed information you have at your finger-tips when you use SenseAware. You can at any time:

  • ascertain the current location of your shipments;
  • verify their exact temperature;
  • check that light-sensitive shipments have not been opened or exposed to light;
  • observe relative humidity levels inside shipments;
  • detect changes in atmospheric pressure;
  • monitor the level of shock that shipments may be exposed to throughout their journey,


Access to this data also enables you to obtain strategic insights into which temperature ranges, packaging, storage, routes and transport methods are best for you. You can then avoid potential logistics issues and improve your efficiency and productivity based on your ability to analyse such matters.


All of this leads to service satisfaction - and peace of mind for you and your customers.


SenseAware is available on FedEx Express transportation services as well as with selected third party carriers where applicable. Please contact us to check the availability of SenseAware for your shipments.

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