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  • Going for green: making logistics more eco-friendly

Going for green: making logistics more eco-friendly

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Governments and customers are pushing industries to become more eco-friendly, and with freight creating 7% of global CO2 emissions, sustainability is vital to logistics firms. Implementing a multifaceted approach that addresses their own carbon footprint, as well as encouraging other firms and communities to lessen theirs, promises the greatest impact. Here’s how FedEx Express is paving the way.

We all know that going green is beneficial for the planet, but it’s also good for business. Having an active green agenda is a beacon to today’s eco-conscious customers, helping you stand out in a world where people face an array of choice when it comes to services and companies. On top of this, governmental pressure means lagging behind is no longer an option. The grass really is greener for eco-friendly firms.

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, operating at over 375 airports, FedEx Express is not only constantly striving to minimize our carbon footprint, but hoping that by raising industry standards others will be encouraged to follow suit.

going green

We currently operate a fleet of 658 aircrafts worldwide.

Here are some of the eco-friendly steps we’ve taken so far.

  • The FedEx Express International Centre regional headquarters is one of the greenest buildings in Europe: this groundbreaking building in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, is not only completely carbon-neutral, one of the few offices with that accolade on the continent, but it’s ‘energy positive’, sending heat to surrounding buildings. Eco-friendly features include a louvered glass curtain wall that filters in daylight without overheating the interior; living plants on its ‘green roof’; and the futuristic ‘Green Machine’, a heat and power plant fueled by recycled biological waste products.
  • More than 20 FedEx Express buildings have been recognized for sustainability: not only has our regional headquarters in Hoofddorp won a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, but more than 20 other FedEx Express buildings, from Memphis to Mumbai, are LEED certified.

going green

Our EarthSmart program features all-electric and hybrid delivery vehicles.

  • The implementation of EarthSmart: this pioneering program encompasses business solutions, workplace culture and community outreach. It also hopes to elevate industry standards, benefiting logistics as a whole. A few achievements so far include the introduction of all-electric and hybrid vehicles in major cities such as Paris and London and the creation of cleaner, greener and more efficient communities locally and worldwide by encouraging sustainable transportation, green urban spaces and resilient ecosystems.
  • We have an ever-growing fleet of green vehicles worldwide: so far we operate 364 commercial hybrid trucks and 118 all-electric trucks and this is on the rise.
  • We’ve set serious environmental goals: including aiming to reduce aircraft emissions by 30% and FedEx Express vehicle efficiency by 50% by 2020.

As you can see, FedEx Express is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. We also care deeply about our industry as a whole. After all, shipping is essential and entire economies rely on their ability to send their products or produce around the world. However, as freight is also one of the world’s fastest growing emission sources, all global shipping firms have a responsibility to the environment and to their customers to lessen their footprint.


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