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  • How FedEx and football are connecting communities

How FedEx and football are connecting communities

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Since becoming Main Sponsor of the UEFA Europa League, FedEx has worked behind the scenes with the UEFA Foundation for Children on a series of community projects using a shared interest in football as a platform for delivering social change.

“As Main Sponsor of the UEFA Europa League, FedEx aims to use its involvement in professional football to connect with people on a personal level,” said David Binks, president of FedEx Express in Europe and CEO of TNT, speaking at the inauguration event in Poland on 31 August 2017. “In Cañada Real, we saw the positive impact putting a playing field in a community can have. It’s rewarding for FedEx to open a second pitch here in Mrągowo, and feel the same optimism surrounding a project we know can open up new possibilities for people who live here,” he added.

Delivered in collaboration with UEFA Foundation for Children and global not-for-profit streetfootballworld, the artificial turf football pitches provide a safe environment for young people to play football and an important arena in which to develop key life skills such as respect, dialogue and teamwork.

“The decision to build this football field in Mrągowo has already elevated the aspirations of people here,” said Arkadiusz Kamil Mierkowski, co-founder of MSIS, the charity that will ensure sustainable use of the pitch in the community. “The pitch will be greatly beneficial in terms of community development, helping to integrate the people of Mrągowo with their neighbours and the municipality, and also in encouraging independence,” he added,

“FedEx continues to make smart investments in Europe. The acquisition of TNT and the expansion of our Paris Charles de Gaulle European hub are two steps we’ve taken on the path towards building the world’s leading logistics business. Alongside these large scale investments, we recognise that to grow our business responsibly and sustainably, it’s important for FedEx to also invest in local initiatives that better connect the communities where we live and work,” said David Binks, president of FedEx Express in Europe and CEO of TNT.

For over four decades, FedEx has existed as a global logistics business that connects people to new possibilities around the world. The ‘Field in a Box™’ program is funded as part of FedEx Cares – a broader pledge to invest US$200 million in more than 200 communities by the year 2020. Additional ‘Field in a Box™’ projects are planned on three world continents, ensuring FedEx will continue to complement its professional football sponsorship with locally beneficial initiatives.

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