• Boosting loyalty in online customers

Boosting loyalty in online customers

Online communities, going above and beyond with your service, and seamless logistics – just a few ways to increase loyalty among your online customers in this must-read guide.


Customer loyalty is crucial to success. Let’s look at the facts – existing customers spend almost twice as much money as new visitors, while the top ecommerce companies receive 60% of their revenue from returning customers just three years after launch1.

Existing customers spend almost twice as much money as new visitors2.

With an increasing number of ecommerce stores popping up to take advantage of the online shopping revolution, it’s time for SMEs to have a game plan in place to stop their online customers going elsewhere. Read our top tips for boosting loyalty here.

Create a customer community

Online communities start conversations

Engaged customers are loyal customers. So whether you choose a content hub, forums or user-generated content, building an online community for your customers is a great way to keep them returning to your site. It serves as a space for you to host conversations, run competitions and make important annoucements, and for them to interact with you and each other on a more informal, enjoyable level.

Get the most out of social media

A social presence is a must to connect with consumers

Your social media channels can be a megaphone for your brand’s voice. Use them to share relevant, engaging content and have real conversations with your customers. This doesn’t just mean answering queries, it means showing personality and maintaining a dialogue. Respond to their questions, acknowledge their suggestions and speak to them in a sincere, human manner.

Show you care

Give something back to your customers

A study from digital agency Wunderman, titled Wantedness, found that 72% of people only considered brands that understood and cared about them3. Make sure you show willingness to adapt to your customers’ needs and give something back. Rewards are a great incentive for loyalty, from special offers and freebies to points systems and access to exclusive events. Make them feel good and valued, and they’ll continue investing in you and may recommend you.

Deliver outstanding service

Don’t give your customers an excuse to look elsewhere

71% of customers have ended a relationship with a company due to poor customer service, Kissmetrics has revealed4. This shows just how essential it is to offer unrivalled convenience and assistance. Stay on top of all issues your customers are having, and act on them. If you receive a complaint or suggestion, use it to make your products and services better and better. Deal with problems quickly and politely, and make any necessary changes to your business.

71% of customers have ended a relationship with a company due to poor customer service4.

Work with a trusted courier

A reliable delivery partner can make all the difference

Don’t fall at the last hurdle. In order for your customers to stay loyal, you’ll need to get products to them when and where they want them. Join forces with a leading logistics provider to make sure your deliveries are always on time – at FedEx Express, we offer a range of services across the UK, Europe and the world, many of which are supported by a money-back guarantee. Learn about our services here.

Put extra thought into your packaging

Creativity and consistency are key

Brand consistency and uniqueness is important at every stage of the customer experience, including the moment purchases are delivered and then unpacked. Make sure your packaging is consistent with your brand identity, but also creative. Depending on your individual branding requirements, you may also want to take advantage of the free packaging available with certain FedEx Express shipments.

And finally…be proactive

Offer customers something they don’t yet know they want

The Wantedness study also found that 90% of people want to engage with companies setting new standards – trailblazers3. That means not just giving customers what they want – give them something they don’t yet know they want. Analyse your audience data as well as market trends to really drill down into their needs, then tailor your service to meet them. Think about what your competitors aren’t doing, and fill that gap.

From offering the very best customer service to increasing your digital presence, you don’t have to give your business a complete overhaul to see loyalty rates improve. If your customers value having their goods delivered on time, no matter where they are, get in touch.


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