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  • How to design an eye-catching logo

How to design an eye-catching logo

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One of the eight best logos of the past 35 years according to Rolling Stone Magazine, the iconic FedEx logo has won over 40 awards. Its ingenuity lies in its use of negative space. Can you see the arrow? It’s formed by the letters E and X and depicts speed, direction and precision.

Logos play a vital role in defining your business, catching customers’ attention and building your reputation. So what can you do to create an arresting design? Here are six top tips.

  1. Know who you are
    The first step to designing a captivating logo is knowing what your business stands for and what image you want to portray. Are you sophisticated? Playful? Creative? Strictly business? Take time to think about and write down adjectives, keywords and phrases that sum up your brand.
  2. Keep it simple
    FedEx, Apple, Nike, what these legendary logos have in common is simplicity. Less is often more when it comes to logos that endure. Think simple, but ingenious.
  3. Try a ‘visual double entendre’
    Customers love finding hidden meanings and messages in company logos. With FedEx it’s the hidden arrow; the simple Apple logo has a missing ‘byte’; and look closely at a Toblerone logo and find a bear climbing a mountain. Have fun coming up with some clever twists.
  4. Create your own font
    A custom-designed typeface goes a long way to forging your own, unique identity. Picture the Co-ca Cola script, probably one of the most memorable logos ever designed simply because of its unique font. You can create your own on paper or online, or instruct a specialist company.
  5. Be clever with colour
    The colours red and yellow are often used in restaurants because they enhance your appetite. Work in black and white while coming up with your idea, then research which colours suit your business best. Try ‘The Impact of Colour in Your Logo’ by British Design Experts for ideas.
  6. Use online resources
    If you need additional help or inspiration, type the words ‘create a logo’ into your search engine. Your screen will soon be awash with online logo generators and tools, many of which are free and instant.

Creating a captivating logo is one of the most important chapters in your brand’s story - as well as one of the most exciting. Don’t rush it or settle on your first ideas. Take time and use your imagi-nation to come up with something that’s not only authentic but makes you proud.

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