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Has Bean Coffee: Quick delivery is the biggest challenge

Who are Has Bean

Has Bean imports raw green coffee beans from all over the world, roasts them to order and sells them on to independent coffee shops as an online business-to-business wholesaler. The company also markets a wide range of brewing equipment such as brewers and grinders.

Shipping between 2-3 tonnes of beans every week, its customer base is worldwide and even includes a customer based in Brazil, the biggest coffee-producing country in the world, although 95% of its sales are delivered in the UK.

Quick delivery is the biggest challenge

Freshly roasted coffee has a very limited shelf life before it loses forever the unique taste and flavour for which it was chosen by the customer. Once ordered Has Bean is keen to get this super-fresh product into the customer’s hands as quickly as possible. Individual customers may be prepared to wait a couple of days for one or two packets of coffee to arrive by mail but wholesale customers ordering twelve kilos or more at a time need a range of quicker options to maintain their stocks.

Why FedEx Express?

FedEx offered Has Bean a competitively- priced range of delivery services that took into account the product’s short shelf life and the varying quantities required by Has Bean’s wide range of customers both in the UK and overseas.

Now Has Bean is able to offer its website customers the choice of FedEx Express 24-Hour Service, 48-Hour Service or FedEx UK Courier Pack together with Royal Mail postal services.

What happened before FedEx?

Failure to pick up deliveries on time, the inability to handle big and small orders with equal ease, deliveries taking three or four days and poor IT support led Has Bean to describe their earlier arrangements with other courier companies as ‘simply chaotic’.

But it was a lack of accountability whenever things went wrong that was the deciding factor in making FedEx Express Has Bean’s courier of choice over four years ago.

Up close and personal

Has Bean’s founding partner describes both his and the whole company’s relationship with FedEx as being more of a personal relationship than simply a business association. And it’s something that makes him especially feel that FedEx are looking out for them. This personal touch that FedEx delivers makes all the difference and has great synergy with Has Bean’s approach to its own customers. ‘We feel like our business is genuinely valued and that we’re a company FedEx want to work with, which is really supportive.’

Working together day by day

Has Bean will have between 150–200 items prepared for delivery every day by the 4.30pm pick-up deadline agreed with FedEx Express. At busy times of the year in the run-up to Christmas, for instance, the deadline becomes increasingly challenging. But in the same way that events like traffic hold-ups can delay FedEx through no fault of the courier, a shared approach to flexible working prevails when not all orders are completed by the deadline. Has Bean’s founding partner describes this ‘two-way street of flexibility as one of the things that makes him happy to be a FedEx customer. Along with the fact that he feels FedEx genuinely value his business and that his company is one FedEx want to work with.

FedEx added value

Has Bean describes reliability as the biggest bonus that FedEx Express brings to both their business and their customers – the simple fact that whatever Has Bean promises its customers, FedEx will fulfil with a delivery that’s on time, every time. If, on the rare occasion when things don’t work out, there’s the added reassurance of being able to call a FedEx Account Manager whose specific role is to oversee the Has Bean account, take ownership of any problem and sort it out in person – usually within one working day.

FedEx: the customer face of Has Bean

As an e-commerce enterprise, Has Bean’s customers rarely meet company representatives in person. Consequently FedEx couriers are seen as the physical face of Has Bean by its many customers. Polite, courteous and professional, FedEx couriers are actually an extension of the Has Bean business and become the physical embodiment of a company that can be trusted in the same way that FedEx Express itself is trusted.

‘We feel like our business is genuinely valued and that we’re a company FedEx want to work with, which is really supportive.’