Customer Dropoff

1. What are the acceptable package guidelines? What is the largest size package that I can accept?

FedEx allows packages up to 55 lbs. and no larger than 48' x 25" x 25" to be held at most third-party locations. 

If your location receives a large package that can't be accommodated, please reject the package when the transfer is attempted so the driver can apply the appropriate scan and take the package back to be handled at the station.

2. Can I accept hazardous materials or dangerous goods shipments?

No. Your safety and the safety of your customers are very important to FedEx. The handheld device will alert you if the shipper's package is ineligible to be dropped off at your location and will provide you with a list of locations that can accept the package, so that you can assist the shipper in finding a location to drop off their package.

Below is a list of packages that are not allowed to be dropped off at your location:

  • Dangerous Goods (DG) Accessible and Inaccessible

  • HazMat (including ORM-D)

  • Dry Ice

  • Live Animals

Additionally, packages from the following transportation services are ineligible to be dropped off at retail locations:

  • FedEx SameDay®

  • FedEx Express® Freight

  • FedEx Freight

  • FedEx Custom Critical

3. What do I do if a shipper leaves an ineligible package and doesn't stay to get a receipt?

If an ineligible package is left at your location prior to the dropoff scan being performed, once it is identified as an ineligible package, contact FedEx OnSite store support at 1.877.229.9337. They will ask you for the barcode tracking number on the package.

4. Can I accept packages that are marked “Perishable” or “Refrigerate upon Arrival” from services such as Blue Apron or other food services? Are we supposed to keep these in a refrigeration unit?

Yes, you can accept packages marked as "Perishable Goods" or "Refrigerate." They do not have to be refrigerated and can be stored with the other customer pickup packages. The instructions on the package are for the end recipient the customer. The special packaging provided ensures the goods will remain cold until the customer picks the package up.

5. What are the limitations for the number of packages that can be accepted at my location?

There is not a specific quantity limitation; however, if your location does not have capacity to handle additional packages, please notify store support at 1.866.665.9755.

6. What do I tell a shipper if I cannot accept their package at my location?

“This package is ineligible to be dropped off at this location due to safety regulations or the transportation service that you selected. We regret the inconvenience, but here is a list of the nearest locations (Click FedEx Locations in the FedEx OnSite app and show this list to the customer) that can assist you with your package or you can call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.”

7. What do I do if I have a problem with my handheld device?

For technical issues or support, please call 1.866.665.9755. You will need your security question & answer, which can be found in the Handheld Login tab of your Operations Manual.

If you have a recipient pickup while your device is down, a manual process form has been provided to capture the recipient’s signature and allow you to manually write in the first initial and last name of the recipient. Follow the detailed process example that is in the Manual Process tab of your Operations Manual.

You should refuse delivery and customer dropoff for any FedEx OnSite packages if your handheld is down or if the FedEx OnSite app is not functioning. Redirect customers to another FedEx location. A nearby location can be found by calling 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.755.

8. What should I do if I have incorrectly scanned a store package as a customer package?

If the improper scan is noticed prior to the packaging has been disposed of. scan out the package as a Customer Pick Up to the Store Manager to remove it from your handheld. If the improper scan is noticed after the packaging is disposed of. to remove the package from your handheld call 1.877.229.9337 to speak to the FedEx Retail Alliance Support team. You will need to provide the tracking number to have this package removed from the handheld.

Hold at Location and Redirect to Hold at Location Packages

1. When will FedEx arrive daily?

If packages are available, FedEx Express will arrive at your location twice daily, Monday–Friday. The FedEx Express driver will stop once in the morning to deliver packages to be held for customer pickup as well as packages intended for your retail location. The driver will return later in the day if there are packages to pick up that customers have dropped off during the day or packages that have been refused or expired that were intended for customer pickup. The FedEx Ground driver will arrive once daily, Monday–Friday, if there are packages to deliver for customer pickup or packages that have been dropped off to be transported by FedEx.

2. Why do I have to scan FedEx driver dropoffs within 5 minutes of a FedEx delivery?

You play a critical role in the FedEx customer experience. A FedEx customer will not receive accurate tracking and email notifications regarding the whereabouts of their important shipments until the “Accept from a FedEx Driver” process has been completed. Delayed or missed scans can result in inaccurate customer shipment updates and create a poor customer experience.

3. Why do I need to keep the packages in a secure area segregated between dropoffs and pickups?

Part of the value of the FedEx experience is reliable, on-time delivery of packages. Service reliability requires the security of packages in the FedEx network at all times. In order to protect FedEx packages, they must remain in a secure location that is not accessible to customers. Keep packages organized in three separate sorts: FedEx Customer Package Pickup, FedEx Ground Driver Pickup and FedEx Express Driver Pickup. FedEx Ground packages can’t be picked up by a FedEx Express driver and vice versa. The sorting system assists in managing the packages and ensures the driver picks up the right packages for his or her network.

4. What if I run out of room for packages?

Notify FedEx OnSite store support at 1.866.665.9755.

5. What if my location needs to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances?

Contact FedEx OnSite store support at 1.866.665.9755 to take your location out of service.

6. What if a package goes missing? What if a customer comes to pick up a package and it’s not here? What if we have a package in inventory and can’t find it?

If a package cannot be located at your business, please instruct the customer to call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for assistance. The customer should ask the FedEx customer service representative to open a trace for a missing package. The representative will guide the customer through the information required.

7. What if a customer’s package is about to expire?

Continue to follow the daily scan and "Package Expired" procedures. Do not contact the customer directly to advise them of their package's status. 

Introducing Automatically Redirected Packages

FedEx Express is excited to announce the launch of automatic redirects in your area. This option enables recipients to enjoy convenient, same-day access to their shipment after an unsuccessful FedEx Express delivery attempt FedEx Express will redirect packages to a FedEx location when a delivery requires a signature or when the package cannot be left at the recipient's home. Instructions for package pickup and other options are included on the recipient's door tag. 

For your specific location, this may lead to an increase in FedEx Express package deliveries, as well as an increase in foot traffic to pick up redirected packages. Some customers may be excited that they can still pick up their package the same day as an unsuccessful delivery attempt. while other customers may ask why the package wasn't left at their residence. To help better communicate the changes to FedEx customers at your store, please refer to the commonly asked questions below, or direct customers to call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.

Questions you may receive from customers about automatically redirected packages:

Why wasn’t my package left at my residence? Why is it being held at one of these locations without my authorization?

Automatic redirect enables recipients to enjoy convenient, same-day access to their shipment if the delivery attempt required a signature or if the driver couldn’t leave the package at a customer’s home. To keep your package safe and ensure that you could pick it up that same day without waiting for another delivery attempt, FedEx secured the package at this nearby location.

Why is my package at this specific store?

Your package has been rerouted to its current location after a missed delivery attempt to make package pickup more convenient by holding it a location close to your home.