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FedEx Office has connected over 1,900 locations, 20,000 professionals and technology resources into a single, seamless network that will help support the demands of Stony Brook University. Through our expertise in documents, and our ability to share information across our locations, we can help Stony Brook University be more efficient and productive.

The purpose of this site is to give Stony Brook University students and faculty access to the programs that FedEx Office offers. Spend some time reviewing each section on this site to see how you can benefit from the FedEx Office Network.

Pack, Ship or Store with FedEx Office on your campus in 5 easy steps.

  1. Stop by the FedEx Office in the Melville Library and speak to a team member to complete the registration process.
  2. You’ll receive an email when it’s time to retrieve your boxes (24"x18"x16") and one roll of tape, which will be supplied at no cost for students that register for storage. Specialty boxes are available for purchase.
  3. Pack your items to be stored and seal the boxes with the supplied roll of tape.
  4. Bring your items to a designated location on campus during move-out period at your scheduled day and time.  Hand trucks are available for purchase during registration. FedEx Office will store these handtrucks for the summer term at no additional charge.
  5. Pick up your items in the fall at the same location as the dropoff.


  • Items you can store include, but are not limited to:  sofas, futons, boxes, bikes, TVs, refrigerators, rugs, luggage, beds, trunks and more. 
  • Items you cannot store: sofa beds, single item over 150 pounds and all items on the Prohibited Item List.


Our pros have a range of boxes and packing materials, so we can handle just about any item, including stuff that’s big, bulky or fragile.


Whether it needs to arrive on a budget, overnight or around the world, we have a way to ship it.  Choose from FedEx Ground, FedEx Express or FedEx International services.



  • To make it easy, we have created a summer storage price list. (See a FedEx Office team member for details.)
  • If it is not on the list and is an item that is accepted, pricing will be determined based on dimensions and can be calculated as follows:  Summer storage fees are calculated based on the number of cubic feet. Students can estimate the amount of cubic feet needed by capturing the Length x Width x Height / 1728.  
  • Students should gather the dimensions of their storage items prior to visiting the center. Students can use this document to capture dimensions of stored items: Estimating Storage
  • It is not necessary to complete all of the fields at the top of the form, it is only necessary to capture the dimensions and basic item description (for each item stored).
  • Any items that can be boxed must be boxed. Seal boxes top and bottom.  Free boxes (24”x18”x16”) and one roll of tape are available to students at no additional charge when registration is completed by May 3. 
  • Specialty boxes for purchase (e.g., Flat panel TV box, bike box) are available throughout the school year. 
  • Items that cannot be placed in boxes (e.g. refrigerators) will be stretch wrapped by FedEx Office at the time of drop off. 
  • Students should tape the bottom and top of their boxes prior to drop off.
  • Students will be required to complete an inventory form and sign a prohibited items release form at drop off.
  • For more information on how to pack, click here: How To Pack

Q. Are you able to purchase additional storage after the registration period? 
A. Yes, additional storage can be purchased at any time after the registration period closes. However, space is limited and standard boxes and tape may no longer be available after the close of registration.  Specialty boxes are available for purchase at the center through the school year.


Q. If I purchase too much storage that is unused, can I receive a refund? 
A. Yes, all unused prepaid storage can be refunded. Please visit the center in the Melville library to request a refund of unused storage.


Q. Can I access my stored items before move in? 
A. Normally items that are placed in summer storage are not available until move in.  Items can be returned from storage early, however an early retrieval fee will apply.  Scheduling an early retrieval requires three business days’ notice, and the student must be at the container location at the scheduled retrieval time or additional fees could apply.

Q. What is declared value for items in storage? 
A. Declared value is provided during the registration for each item that will be placed in storage.  $100 of declared value is automatically applied to each item.  Students may purchase additional Declared Value up to $2,000 per item or a combined total of $10,000 for all stored items.


Q. What is the longest period of time an item can be in storage? 
A. The summer duration is approximately three months.  If a student requests summer storage extended, the item will remain in storage for a period of 12 months.  For summer storage extended plus, the item will remain in storage for a period of 15 months.  Pre-payment for extended and extended plus is required.