FedEx® Global Returns Frequently Asked Questions

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Return Solution Questions

What is the cost of the global return label?

A return label surcharge will only be applied once FedEx receives the return shipment. The cost is USD$0.50 per shipment* for a print return label or USD$1.00 for an email return label. If the return label isn’t used, no surcharge is applied.

Who pays for the print or email return label shipment?

Return shipment transportation charges and surcharges can be billed to the original shipper’s FedEx account number or a third party’s FedEx account number. Current billing restrictions for China and Taiwan third-party payers will apply to return shipments.

Is there a minimum volume requirement?

No minimum volume is required. As long as you have the most current version of your chosen FedEx® electronic shipping solution, the service is available to you by simply logging in — whether you have one return or 1,000.

Is there an expiration date for the print or email return label?

As long as the account that created the label is in good standing, the print return label does not have an expiration date. Email return labels may be set to be accessible for a maximum of two years from the date of the request for U.S. domestic shipments, including FedEx Express. Once the email return label has been printed (like the print return label), it never expires for use, as long as the account that created the label is in good standing.

What FedEx® services are available to ship using the global return solution?

Service selections for the print or email return label* include:

  • FedEx International First®
  • FedEx Europe First® (where applicable)
  • FedEx International Priority®
  • FedEx International Economy®
  • FedEx International Priority® Freight
  • FedEx International Economy® Freight

*Service selections for the domestic print return label vary, based on availability per country/territory. Please refer to your FedEx Service Guide for available service offerings.

What FedEx electronic shipping solutions support the print and email return labels?

FedEx Ship Manager® at, FedEx Ship Manager® Software, FedEx Ship Manager® Server, and FedEx Web Services offer the international return label and domestic return label.

Does FedEx offer returns from all countries/territories?

FedEx Global Returns is available anywhere FedEx currently offers automated outbound service, with the exception of U.S.-Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico-U.S., and intra-Puerto Rico return shipments.

Original Shipper Questions

What payment options are available?

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

Can I save both the print return label and customs documents?

Yes, both the label and the international documents can be saved as a PDF and emailed to your customer from your email address.

Can I use FedEx for customs brokerage for international returns?

Yes, for FedEx Express international shipments, the brokerage service is automatically included.

Can I use my own customs broker for global returns?

Yes, the FedEx International Broker Select® Option is available with the global print and email return labels.

Can I track the status of my return packages?

Yes, you can track the status of your return shipment on the tracking page. In addition, FedEx Tracking offers the ability to see the linkage between the original outbound shipment and the return shipment. You can also log in and use the data export feature to download reports from FedEx® Tracking. The report will display all of your return shipments, including those in transit, those already delivered, and those with a return label created but not shipped yet. This information is available for up to two years.

Can I use FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents for the return shipment?

No, electronic trade documents are not supported for international return shipments.

Can I use multiple-piece shipments for international returns?

No, multiple-piece shipments are not available with international returns. However, you do have the ability to print multiple identical labels and customs documents.

I have been emailing the return label in .pdf format to my customers. What is the difference between that and the email return label?

When you create the print return label, you can save it as a PDF and use your company’s email account to send the label to your customers. When your customers get the return label, they can print it and ship the package, but they can’t make any changes to the shipment details. If they require any changes to the details on the return label or lose the return label, they will have to contact you for a new label.

When you create an email return label, FedEx sends an email to the return shipper with a link from which they can access the return label online. The return shipper has the ability to directly edit any details of the return shipment themselves, which saves time and effort, because the shipper doesn’t have to contact you for a new return label. This can be critical for international return shipments. Also, the email return label has a slightly higher surcharge.

Return Shipper Questions

What payment options are available?

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

I have questions about the customs paperwork requirements for an international return shipment. Who do I call?

FedEx Customer Service is happy to assist. Contact Customer Service.

I lost the return label and customs documents I was sent. What do I do?

A new label and the applicable customs documents can be created for you if you contact the party who sent them to you. A single print return label and customs documents can be created and sent as a PDF file via email to you. Also, you can call the original shipper, who will process a request for FedEx to email a link with a single return label and customs documents for you to access. For FedEx email return labels, you can reprint the labels and customs documents up to five days after completing the label.

Do I need a FedEx account number to schedule a pickup?

You do not need to have a FedEx account number in order to send a return shipment. You can schedule a FedEx pickup with only a tracking number, or include the return shipment as part of a regular scheduled daily pickup if you have one. Return shipments may also be dropped off at any FedEx location, or customers can use a FedEx Express® Drop Box for FedEx Express return shipments if you do not have a regular scheduled pickup with FedEx.

How can I tell if my return label is for a FedEx Express return?

This symbol signifies a FedEx Express return. FedEx Express Return Symbol

If I have only one return label but have two packages to return, what should I do?

You should contact the original shipper and request that another return label be sent to you for the second shipment.

What should I do if what I need to return doesn't match the label and customs documents I was sent?

You should contact the party who sent the paperwork to you and request a new print return label, or have them email you an editable return label and customs documents.

Terms and Conditions

What payment options are available?

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

Terms and Conditions

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