Tips for Original Shippers

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Tips for Original Shippers

As the original shipper, you’ll have the most control over the return shipment. You can choose the return speed and destination, and you’ll be able to decide how much control the return shipper has during the process.

FedEx® Global Returns

Choosing your return type
When processing your international return package with a FedEx electronic shipping solution, you’ll need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes — on both the outbound and the return shipment. Select the correct return reason from the table below. Choosing one of these options in the drop-down menu will aid customs in processing paperwork and will help you reclaim duties and taxes.


Outbound Shipment:
What’s the reason for
including a return label?

Associated Return
Shipment: What’s the
reason for the return?

When is this used?

Courtesy Return Label

Rejected Merchandise

When you’re including a return label for your customer, but don’t expect returns.

For Exhibition/Trade Show

Exhibition/Trade Show Returns

When the goods you’re shipping are for a show, exhibition, trade show, or event.

Item for Loan

Return of Loaned Item

When the goods you’re shipping are for temporary use and will be returned to you in an unaltered state.

Items for Use in a Trial

Trial Returns

When the goods you’re shipping are for a trial and will be returned to you.


Faulty Item Being Sent

When you’re shipping a replacement item in advance of receiving a faulty item back.

Temporary Export — Other

Return — Other

When none of the other reasons listed apply. You will have the ability to state your exact reason for the return.

For Repair/Processing

Repair/Processing Returns

When the goods you’re shipping will be either repaired or otherwise processed before being returned to you. Processing may include modification, incorporation, or treatment of some kind.

Following Repair/Processing


When the recipient previously sent you the item for repair, but not via FedEx.

Commercial Invoice Information

Review information and provide any required input within the View/Edit Shipment Details section, including:

  • Any shipping information, such as package details, commodity information, or return information
  • Label information
  • Shipping documents
  • Export or customs information

Tracking & Reporting

Take advantage of the advanced control and visibility offered by FedEx Global Returns. You can track the status of your shipment, receive key information about any returned item, and link a return shipment to its original shipment. And you’ll be able to easily manage tracking and reporting for all returns in your account.

  • Get notified 
    When you create the return label, you have the option to set up email notifications for critical aspects of the return journey. Receive notifications when a return shipment is picked up, in transit, or dropped off — and customize those notifications for up to two additional parties.
  • Get linked
    Easily link the return shipment with the tracking number of the outbound shipment — even if the return shipment is created much later. This allows you to easily transfer delivery information, ensure accuracy, and enjoy visibility of the shipment’s full journey.
  • Get reports
    Download reports from FedEx® Tracking. These reports will display all your return shipments, whether they’re in transit, already delivered, or not yet shipped. This information is available for up to two years. See how FedEx Tracking works here

If your company has a need for deeper analytical insights and operational data, you can take advantage of these tools on FedEx InSight®

  • Return pipeline visibility
    Set up notifications to receive emails with summaries of the quantity and speed of your returns. 
  • Deep report history
    Download data files that give you a detailed account of return labels created, used or not used by return shippers. You can even go back as far as two years.  
  • Custom views
    Easily sort and maintain summaries for your return shipments.