Return Made Easy

Here, you’ll find information for controlling several aspects of your return, such as Editable Return Labels and Print Return Labels.

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  • Returns Made Easy

Whatever you’re selling, outbound shipping is only half the challenge. In order to maintain a positive customer relationship, you need to include an easy, reliable return experience for every outbound shipment.

With FedEx® Global Returns, you’re in charge. You know exactly what’s being returned, plus when and where it’s arriving. This allows you to better manage your inventory and staff, minimize rework, and reduce customer service calls. And from a customer standpoint, it can help you increase loyalty.

With access to FedEx® services around the world, FedEx Global Returns provides the control, flexibility, and customs document assistance you need to manage returns.

And you can get started today with no additional contract. FedEx automation gives you immediate access to FedEx Global Returns.

More control for you

With FedEx Global Returns, you create the return label and any applicable customs documents. That allows you to designate return locations — the original shipping location, a customer service center, or a storage facility — anywhere in the world.

You also control the cost and speed of your return logistics. Choose faster transit times for urgent shipments and slower transit times when speed is not a priority.

Best of all, you have full visibility of your shipments, allowing you to know when a return label has not been used or the location of a return shipment in transit.

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  • Editable Return Labels

When you’re shipping to customers, you can’t always predict what they’ll return — but you can be ready. Make it easy for returning shippers to change return labels and customs documents.

With editable return labels from FedEx® Global Returns, you’ll be prepared for almost any return, even if it doesn’t match the original shipment. So if you ship three items to your customer, but they need to return only one, the return process can keep moving. By letting the returning shipper change key information like quantity and weight, you can provide a simpler, more efficient return experience and reduce going back-and-forth during the return process.

Here’s how it works:

Easy preparation
When allowing the returning shipper to edit labels, you’ll create the return label and customs documents with the details you know. FedEx lets you decide how much control your customer receives by granting permissions so that the returning shipper can edit these forms.

Easy access

Once you’ve prepared the return label, FedEx sends the returning shipper an email notification that contains the shipment information and a link to access the return label page.

Easy returns

The returning shipper simply populates the necessary information. After completing the online paperwork, they can view the documents, select the labels or customs documents they want, and print those documents for use. These labels can also be saved and printed at a later time.

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  • Print Return Labels

Every return shipment is unique, and now you have the options you need to simplify your returns. Providing your customers with an easy international return service could earn you more return business.

With return labels from FedEx® Global Returns, you have the option to print labels and customs documents for international returns and include them in the outbound shipment, email a PDF of the return label and customs documents, or email a link to an online return label and customs documents.

Each option gives you different ways to help make the return process easier for both you and your customer — and all three options allow you to link the return label to the outbound shipment for increased visibility.

Print Return Labels

By printing the label and customs documents for your customer, you can:

  • Save money. With this cost-effective r eturn
  • solution, if the return label isn’t used, you
  • aren’t charged.
  • Offer options. Your customers can use the
  • label with special options, such as Saturday delivery,
  • dry ice services, and Hold at FedEx Location.
  • Return shippers can also request a pickup or drop off
  • the shipment at a FedEx location.

Email Return Labels

You’ll have added control in the process with an email return label, which allows you to:

  • Eliminate extra steps. Reduce calls for
  • international returns by allowing return shippers to edit labels and customs documents online without having to contact you. Simply create an email for your customer with a link to editable documents where the customer can adjust quantity or weight.
  • Keep customers informed. You can include links for your customer to easily look up pickup information and find dropoff locations.
  • Set deadlines. You’ll be able to decide how much time return shippers have to access the label.
  • Save money. If the return label isn’t used, you aren’t charged.
  • Offer options. Your customers can use the label with special options, such as Saturday delivery, dry ice services, and Hold at FedEx Location.

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