FedEx® Web Integration Wizard

If your business engages in e-commerce, you can keep customers on your Web site longer by allowing them to compare FedEx shipping rates, create a FedEx shipping label and track their FedEx shipments, without leaving your site. With FedEx Web Integration Wizard, simple integration is just a few clicks away.

The FedEx Web Integration Wizard is a Web page generator that makes it easy for users of all experience levels to create and deploy FedEx services in their e-commerce websites. The Web Integration Wizard handles the difficult aspects of developing and coding FedEx Web Services for your Web site. It’s just one more way FedEx saves you time – so you can get back to your busy day.

Make your Web site, and customer relationships stronger

If you want to provide an outstanding customer experience on your website, but don’t necessarily have the resources or time to improve your site’s functionality, FedEx Web Integration Wizard is your solution to offering FedEx services. Best of all, it's easy to use and fast to implement!

Imagine how happy your customers will be once they see what can be done directly from your Web site.

  • Compare FedEx shipping rates and transit times
  • Create FedEx shipping labels
  • Track the status of FedEx shipments

The FedEx Web Integration Wizard enables you to:
  • Add FedEx tools to your Web site at no cost
  • Integrate easily without IT resources
  • Create a more engaging website
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels

It’s as easy as copy and paste

With the FedEx Web Integration Wizard, adding FedEx functionality into your Web site is quick and simple using the FedEx Developer Resource Centre:

  1. Create or locate a page on your site where shipment information will be featured, such as an order status page for tracking.
  2. Enter your FedEx account information and set up a merchant account profile.
  3. Answer a few questions about your shipping characteristics.
  4. Select a design to match your website needs.
  5. Click ‘Get Code’ to automatically generate HTML code based on your input.
  6. Copy and paste the HTML code into your Web site where you would like the shipment information to appear.

That’s it! Your Web site is now integrated with FedEx functionality. Ready to begin the integration process? Login to the FedEx Developer Resource Centre to get started.