Manage My Account

Manage My Account

Manage My Account

Account Preferences

View and make changes to your FedEx profile. Access all invoices,
payment set up information, and keep your email preferences up to date.


Invoices & Payment

  • Pay your invoices (credit card only)

  • Setup and/or change your automatic payments

  • Update your credit card information

  • Manage Invoices


Email Preferences

  • Edit your email address

  • Subscribe to the Fedex Newsletter

  • Update your subscription preferences


My Profile

  • Edit your contact information

  • Edit your login information


Address Book

  • Create new contacts

  • Edit addresses for senders, recipients or both

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Use Tools Without a FedEx Account

Create a User ID only if you need to access non-shipping related applications, such as FedEx Tracking and FedEx Global Trade Manager.

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